Thursday, July 9, 2015

Encountering Lighting Strike (险被雷劈)

Today when I was tending my herbal garden and suddenly the sky turned gloomy as if it will rain soon. So, I tried to find a shelter under a large tree and indeed about half an hour later; heavy rain started to fall. The rain poured down for an hour or so and while it was still drizzling in the sky before seizing, suddenly my surrounding filled by a layer of mist with chlorine smell.

Generally I thought someone has done a fogging or a chemical spill or something like that. However, I couldn't find the source of the smell. Without giving it a second thought, I headed to my garden to finish my job for the day.

At this instance, a loud bang with an explosion occurred some 30 feet above my head! That has certainly scared the living daylight out of me… Before I realized it; I just had a close encounter with a lighting strike. Unlike common belief, there weren't any warning signs such as lighting or anything like that. All happened so fast that the explosion has taken place out of the blue. The only sign I have noticed was the chlorine smell mist.

As soon as the explosion occurred, the mist dispersed almost simultaneously. I am not sure what the mist was or perhaps ions; it was the only thing that happened before lighting strike. Perhaps when one is working in the open field before and after a rainstorm and the person finds before or after rain; and that he/she is in the midst of a fog with chlorine smell; then please do so and leave the place as soon as possible. Having said so, it is still best not to go to an open field where you are the tallest object in the field to avoid mishaps.

Contrary to common belief as not only lighting can strike during rain, it can also strike without any warning… well, in my case; I saw and smelled a layer of chlorine flavour mist; but I can’t guarantee that this would be a common case. Perhaps the best thing is just to go into a building for good if possible. Also, please avoid seeking shelter under a small hut in an open field such as that of a pineapple plantation, or venture to play football in the field during and after rain. There are just too many incidents in our local mass media now days... And I was one of the lucky ones escaped unharmed. Or, was it the working of my Leklai spirits that has protected me from the lighting? Hmm...

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