Friday, July 31, 2015

When Bad Luck Strikes (当厄运来临时)

A friend thought she has extreme bad luck, and her bad luck was caused by evil spirits that possessed her body. So, she lit some firecrackers at midnight to ‘expel’ the evil spirits inside her… Consequently her neighbour lodged a police report and the lady was subsequently fined a substantial amount of money. Seems the firecracker exorcism ritual not only did not expel my friend’s bad luck; instead causing her to lost money despite now she is also having very bad relationships with her neighbours. Perhaps the incident also doubled my lady friend’s bad luck instead!

When this friend of mine complained to me of her unfortunate incident, I jokingly said to her: “Perhaps you should use a grenade or dynamite to blow yourself up and that would certainly expel all evils from your body… in addition, your body that has brought you such a bad luck!”

Hopefully this lady did not take my words literally and perform some suicidal attempt to blow herself up…

I have mentioned about ‘theory of bad luck’ in my blog:

Again, there are many causes for one to experience ‘bad luck’. General Buddhist and Hindu would attribute one’s ‘bad luck’ to his/her previous bad karma. I think it is just a lame excuse to blame all to previous lives because this would make us living in hopelessness and that we would spend this life time to repent what we have done in our past lives. If we spent all our time and savings on religious matters, then we would not be able to enjoy this life…

In higher Buddhist teachings, good luck or bad luck is only relatively speaking. It is our mind that causes this difference. If we understand how our mind works, then we would understand that if we can be impartial to our worldly matters; then there is no good or bad. With this view in mind, we would always live in peace.

I sincerely hope all other friends who have the idea of ‘blowing up’ bad luck, inspect their own mind first before doing anything stupid. Anyway, if one really needs to blow himself/herself up (not that I encourage it); please do that on his/her own and not to risk lives of others…

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