Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Aura Bonding (灵光的结合)

Mr. Ong has kindly shared his view on aura bonding between couples and family members with reference to a very touching classic poem. I highly recommend the ‘me and you poem’ to anyone who is considering a divorce and then think twice:

In beginning of Yuan () dynasty, Zhao Mengfu (赵孟頫) wanted to take a second wife. His wife, Madam Guan Daosheng (管道昇) wrote the below all famous ‘me and you poem’ (我侬词) to his husband who was about to adopt a second wife. His husband was deeply touched by the lyrics and fell in love with her even deeper, without a second marriage till the end of their lives.


(You and me, I and you; ended wrongly due to our overheated fiery passion. Let’s take a piece of mud and make a figure of you and then mine. Then let’s break both of the figures together into pieces; and then unite both with water. After that, let’s make another figure of mine. In this way, my mud also comprises of yours; and your mud has mine too. You and I both live inside a quilt, then we too shall die in the same coffin.)

This poem was sung as ‘You & Me, I and You’ (你侬我侬) by countless pop singers in the beginning of 1980s, including the well known Robin.

My mother advised to keep kids’ clothes together to reduce conflicts among themselves. I was just curious and did not quite believe till I came to know about the below scientific discoveries during my attendance to a mind power course. 

Kirlian[1] photography shows energy fields ( aura ) of a physically closed couple or lovers overlapped, followed by mutual adjustments of shape, intensity, color and vibration to suit each other as “oneness” Also, such aura bond could easily be found among husband and wife, lovers, son and mother ( close blood ), or people with similar frequency etc. Where one thought could be telepathically sensed by another. We normally feel empty when one of our family members left or departed, it takes long time for our aura (personal magnetic field) to readjust to get harmony with the people or circumstances around us.  

From the above poem, especially ‘my mud has yours; your mud has mine’ (我泥中有你,你泥中有我), Zhao (赵孟頫) understood that our auras had to be readjust in order to perfectly suit one another.  In other words, it is a connection as oneness” on spiritual level. Storage of aura stained clothes together had the similar effects. This practical theory is long existed, before proofed by latest Kirlian Photography.


[1] Kirlian photography is a collection of photographic techniques used to capture the phenomenon of electrical coronal discharges. 

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