Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Scent Of Spirit (鬼魂的气味)

Some people can ‘see’ ghosts and we shall call them ‘psychics’. Many people cannot actually ‘see’ ghosts but they think that they actually see one; we call them ‘psychos’. However, we don’t need to become ‘psychics’ or ‘psychos’ to notice the presence of a ghost around us, or if a ghost has possessed a person. Generally, we can detect the presence of a ghost by their distinctive smells. No kidding.

When a person is approaching death, though not all; he/she shall emit a kind of pungent smell similar to that of dead rats. This is especially true for those terminal cancer patients. I once knew a couple involved in entertainment industry. The husband was dying from cancer and I visited him, he did carry the scent of dead rat.

Years after his death, I visited the family and the signature scent still lingered in the house. So I asked the wife if she has felt any presence around. She replied, at times she can see her late husband sitting at the edge of her bed.

Thus it is safe to assume that the ghosts would carry along the scent during their death. Likewise, if a person died of sea disasters; then his spirit would carry the scent of sea water. The smell we would notice when the ghost of a drowned spirit would be something salty and damp. If the drowned body was found decayed, then the smell of foul rotten meat can also be picked up.

In another case, if a person died in fire incident, then the smell that his/her ghost carries would be that of burnt meat as if barbecued meat. However, it this person is not burnt but suffocated by smoke, then the smell of smoke would be noticed by our human nose.

The ghost of a person who likes to smoke and drink, then his/her ghost would also carry the smell of tobacco and alcohol. If a person likes to wear perfume, then his/her ghost would also carry the smell of that particular perfume.

While we are on the topic of perfume, it is quite often for those hikers who like to venture into Malaysian tropical forests to smell the smell of ‘sundal malam’ or tuberose or any type of fragrances in that matter. Locals believe when a person notice this sort of fragrance, he/she should keep quiet otherwise the person shall be enchanted by this mountainous spirit. On the other hand, one may also notice extreme bad smell; that too may be an indication of an unfriendly spirit in the jungle. Of course, not all good and bad smells in the jungle are produced by spirits. Corpse flower will certainly emit a sort of smell like corpse.

There is a very simple exercise one can do to train one’s smelling sense, provided that the person is not a smoker, alcoholic or a perfume wearer. The person only needs to lie in the bed early in the morning when he/she wakes up but not yet opens his/her eyes. At this point, he/she shall notice some kind of scents linger around him/her. If he/she notices a very distinctive scent, then a vision shall come into his/her mind. Remember this scent and open the eyes. If the person feels happy, then good energy is around. If the person feels sad, then negative energy is present. And if there is no particular feeling, then there is nothing present.

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