Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Ghostly Encounters In Lift (电梯遇鬼记)

Taking lifts can have awful experiences especially in the dead of the night: not only one can be robbed, molested in places where security is a concerned; a person may also be able to come face to face with spirits too. Of course, we have heard many ghostly encounters in hospital lifts; but the below story told by a friend of mine who stayed in Paya Terubong. Let’s just call this gentleman Tony.

Tony is a technician who works in a factory in Bayan Lepas. As his job requires him to work on shifts, there are many times that Tony would reach or leave his home which is located on the 25th floor of a high rise building in a high density housing estate after midnight.

As recalled by Tony, he hated to take lift in odd hours because he can never know who or what is in the lift with him. There were some reported cases where tenants of the building were robbed in the dead of the nights now and then. And one may also have another kind of encounter with entities from other side too. Between the two, Tony has no hesitation to choose the later because only a human can harm another human beings; not the ghosts.

We all know that modern lift compartments are either fitted with mirrors or stainless steel plates that will show very clear reflection of whoever stands in the lift. Perhaps the idea is to let the passengers tidy up their clothing or hairs before stepping out form the lift. However, there is another catch: if you take a lift with another passenger at night; please don’t look at the reflections on the wall surface. Why?

The reason is simple: what would you do when you can’t see the reflection of the person beside you!?

Tony has a very strange encounter sometime ago in a lift of the building where he lives:

One night, Tony returned from his evening duty and he waited for the lift at the ground floor. There was another old grandma, Aunt Ann whom Tony has not met for a fairly long time since she was hospitalized. Although Tony would feel strange the old woman appearing beside him in the dead of the night, he didn’t ask as he was too tired to strike a conversation with anyone.

So the lift arrived and both of them walked into the lift. Tony pressed on the button shows 25th floor and the good old Aunt Ann was trying to press the 30th floor button but no matter how many times she tried, the button light didn’t lit. Tony thought that Aunt Ann was too weak to hit the button, so he voluntarily pressed the 30th floor button for Aunt Ann. And the old lady gave Tony a queer smile but said nothing.

As the lift door closed and the lift moved upwards, Tony suddenly felt that the temperature in the lift was freezing and he inadvertently looked into the reflective lift door, and he couldn’t see Aunt Ann’s reflection even thought he thought Aunt Ann was physically standing beside him!

Perhaps Tony was just too tired that the term ‘ghost’ didn’t strike him. Soon the lift has reached Tony’s floor and he stepped out and bid Aunt Ann goodnight.

The next morning, Tony was having breakfast with his wife and they talked about Aunt Ann. To his surprised, his wife told Tony that Aunt Ann has passed away about one week ago; last night was Aunt’s soul returning night!

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