Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Encountering Dying Souls (惊遇弥留魂)

I supposed no one would deny the existence of souls in our human bodies. Others also believe that all living things possess souls hence it is a sin to kill living beings especially animals. Coincidentally, my friends have two very interesting stories to share:

Story 1:

Mr. Chan’s father was in comma and dying. The hospital advised Mr. Chan to bring his father home for final arrangements. So his dad was lying in the sick bed in Mr. Chan’s home for days still in comma.

One night, Mr. Chan received an urgent call from his factory asking him to return to the factory to attend to sudden machine malfunctions. He thought that his old pa’s condition would not change suddenly. So Mr. Chan went back to his factory around midnight leaving his wife and children to accompany the dying old man.

After struggling for some time, the root cause of the machine failure was finally identified and the tool was up and running again. By the time Mr. Chan walked out from the factory towards him home, it was already half pass 3 a.m.

As Mr. Chan was walking alone along the empty road, a silhouette was seen walking towards him. As Mr. Chan recalled, the silhouette somehow looked very familiar even from afar. That has intrigued Mr. Chan a lot as he kept wondering who the stranger was; perhaps someone he knew?

Soon the figure came face to face with Mr. Chan and to his surprised; it was his father! Mr. Chan said his father said only one sentence: “Go home! It is not safe to walk at night…”

Before Mr. Chan could say anything, the figure vanished in front of him.

When Mr. Chan finally reached home, he heard the crying sound of his wife; and apparently his father had just given up the last breadth. Mr. Chan was sure the ‘figure’ he saw was his late father’s soul that has come to him to say goodbye.

Story 2:

Garry’s father was comma in the hospital sick bed for some time now. One day, he and his family members went to the hospital to visit the old man. At that time, a nurse was checking at Gary’s unconscious pa.

Suddenly, the nurse wept in old man’s voice and she hugged Gary and his children saying how he has missed Gary and rest of the family members. That has apparently created some commotions and the nurse was dragged away by her fellow staffs.

When the commotion was over, Gary’s pa was pronounced dead.

What I can conclude from the stories is that even before a person dies, his/her souls already wander off his/her body. So, please don’t be surprised if you see your own self walks passed you in the street!

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