Saturday, February 25, 2012

Asma Sunge Rajeh: Name of Power (III)

Asma Sunge Rajeh (ASR) is always an interesting topic. ASR also said to be originated from Prophet Khidir. Today ASR has flourished into not less than 10 versions, but only two versions are believed to be authentic: ASR Madura and ASR Cirebon. Interesting enough, ASR also should not be written.

In order to acquire this ilmu:

Stage 1: ASR
1. Find out where two rivers meet, the water must be clear.
2. Best place is if there is a big rock facing the river intersections.
3. When you have spotted the place, meditate on the rock for a few minutes.
4. Pray to the river spirits for obtaining their blessings.
5. Say, "greetings, oh spirits of the river!" and strike the surface of the water with your right palm (3x).
6. Sit quietly and feel the atmosphere around you: good? bad? Do not proceed if you don't feel ok.
7. If all Ok. Continue with below attunement:
-- Inhale while recite "Inna Quwwatih Nakata Bannata Inna Nataba"
-- Hold while recite "Allahumma Ya'sir Ayal Ma'sudati, Allahumma Fa'man Ayal Mambudahu"
-- Exhale while recite "Inna Quwwatih Nakaban Natah Kitaban Natah"
-- Hold while recite "Inna Quwwatih Nakatahtah Kitaban Natah"
8. Proceed for about 15-20 minutes.
9. Continue to recite the above 313x for 7 nights.

Stage 2: Asmak Nakaban
1. Upon completion of Stage 1, it is your choice if you want to proceed to Stage 2.
2. Recite key "Inna Quwwatih Nakaban Natah Kitaban Natah Bi Khaulika Wan Fa'na Ya Maula Ya Nakaban Natah" (1000x for 7 nights)

This is the ilmu that you will need if you only want to keep just one ilmu.

Becareful when evoking Asmak Nakaban.. I used to Asmak Nakaban to protect my pal's girl from office bully and this bully felt dizzy and vomit afterwards.. for 40 days he dare not even look into the girl's face..

Now that the power of Prophet Khidir is in your hands.. I can only pray for the good :))


  1. Are we allowed to recite this prayer at home ? I hear many people say the house will break apart if we do ?

    Is it possible to perform ASR in the back garden or must we go to the river or lake. Im just a little worried about sharks if i have to take a dip in the river hehehe


    1. Yes. Provided your're not disturbed during your recitations. But if u do it at d lake/river, there will be a different sensation.. ;-)

  2. Hi can you help me pls with pronaunce? how can i spell Nakaban Natah Kitaban Natah?