Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ilmu Asma - Name of Power (I)

I feel a little hestitate to write about this knowledge as it contain certain danger... But I am sure people can differentiate the dangerous elements and will take necessary precautions. Ilmu Asma is traditionally transmitted from mouth to ears and it is as a rule forbidden to be written down.

Ilmu Asma must be transmitted outdoor, bare footed. The location depending very much on the elemental of the Asma: river, lake, sea, forest etc. The master normally recite the Asma 3x, and the students recite 3x. If a student cannot follow or memorised, then he or she will have to wait for next time.

Below are a list of popular Asma:

1. Asma of River: "Inna Quwwatih Nakaban Natah Kitaban Natah"

2. Asma of Lake: "Inna Shohabatika Shohibuka"

3. Asma of Pond: "Bismillahi Quwwatih Nakabatih Qatabatih"

4. Asma of Sea: " Lautan Samarik Abna Kitabun Jauzul Jahar"

5. Asma of Wood: "Rajailuna Roiluna Yaburhanu"

The above Asma must be recited 313x while submerging lower-half of practitioner's body in river/pond/lake/sea during friday night. Repeat each Asma, one at a time.

Becareful after the Asma is activated. Random projection of the Asma can cause great trauma or fatality. First, of cause... ensure the waters are not infested with crocodiles, snakes or piranha.. :))


  1. Salam,

    I hope you can show us the arabic script too, but if not, still a very good post.