Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Barang Bertuah (Lucky Stuff)

My Jawanese friend send me this interesting snakelike stuff. He said this item is "besi kuning" or "yellow iron". Lagend has it that this "barang" was a gift from Dewi Lanjar to a "pejuang 46" (46 fighter)... somehow it reached his hand and then mine. He then gave me some mantra and a perfume bottle and ask me to rub some perfume onto the "barang" every friday night...
The "yellow iron" is said to be the equivalent of "leklai", but I leave it to experts to argue about. Besides the "yellow iron", Indonesia and Malaysia also famous of other "barang":

1. Mustika Delima Merah (The one that can make water red can fetch up to USD10k++..)
2. Mustika: Embun (dew), Air (water) etc.
2. Bezoar: Snake, Boar, Deer, Crocodile etc.
3. Pearls: Fish, scropion, centipede, millipede etc.
4. Stones: fossils, thunder stones, strange rocks etc.
5. Plants: bamboo, leaves, etc.
6. And many-many more.

A search in the intranet will find all the above but not limited array of items that is out of our imagination. Local folks believe these strange "barang" has powerful khodam and can bring "luck" or protect from harm. Many prominent people carrys at least one big ring made from these "barang".

Oh.. before I forget, all the "barang" must be pulled from their hiding places after an exchange of offering with the "penunggu" or the "watcher". If the item is filled manually, then the power is limited and would not fetch good price... Well, you decide ;-)

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