Monday, February 27, 2012

Hello Phi Phop !!

It is believed in Thai and Laos culture that Phi Pop is a malicious spirit normally manifests as a beautiful woman with only length of internal organs and intestines suspended from a beautiful face. Phi Pop is one of the most difficult to get rid of. It is said that it feeds on flesh and blood of humans… It floats through the air at night and in daylight, it dwells in plants, normally a large banana tree. So if you are walking alone in the dark, beware of beautiful women gliding mysteriously by in long dress. If I am not mistaken, the Malaysian equivalent of this type of spirit is called "Penangalan".

Though horrible, there is still a way to "catch" it and make it your slave.. if you are bold enough.

Below is the "how-to":

1. Prepare 7 joss sticks, 3 limes, 6 red chillies and 1 cocunut.
2. Inscribe above Yantra on a banana leaf using coconut oil.
3. Chant "Om Ra-Cha-Ra-Cha-Maha-Phi-Phop-Ta-Ma-Sa" 108x.
4. Tie the Yantra around a banana tree using a red cotton string.
5. Prepare a large glass bottle with a glass lid.
6. Fill the bottle with clear water.
7. Tie the other end of the red cotton string around the mouth of the bottle.
8. After completed chanting 108x, set the Yatra alight while hitting the ground with your left palm 3x.
9. The water must turn pinkly red to prove that Phi Pop is inside the bottle.
10. If the water is still clear, then the ritual is unsuccessful. (Get the hell of of there!!)
11. If successful, the water will become thick after two weeks.

This ritual is contributed by a friend who is well versed in Thai magic. I thank him for his contribution.


  1. Guaranteed to land one in deep poopoo. Before I did give this to one of my (wannabe) students to study ritual procedures. Why? Because there is certain stuff missing once again - so people who try this will only invite trouble but not get other results. Kekeke

  2. Other source said this is a false ritual, it is not genuine :D

  3. Interesting! I was looking for an actual spells to become a penanggal (For study of course, not for practice) It is interesting to know how the witch can split her head from her body with her organs. The interesting part is that she is still alive when her head has been split from her body? :P

  4. There is another magic that can achieve something like this - if it will result in such a tremendous physical splitting I am not able to tell though at this moment.

    Above ritual did (even though imperfectly done by a novice) a quite interesting result with certain signs, therefore I believe it to be at least partly working. But as usual, such things partly working spells destruction...

    1. You're very lucky to know such interesting knowledges. :)

  5. Yes, lucky lucky... people think I am strange though ;)

  6. No worries bro. Every one is unique, people are different in their own ways.