Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hizib Maghrobi

Hizib Maghrobi comes in many versions such as Hizib Sirul Maghrobi, Mutlak Maghrobi, Sihir Maghrobi, Maghrobi Kubro, Maghrobi Sughro and Maghrobi Cirebon...

The version we are looking at today is said to be quite famous a few years earlier. It can cost you about USD1000 for the complete 3 levels. Let's explore this hizib:

Level 1:
"Allahumma sukma bahum fii saykal 'abuun fartaqiid innahum murtaqibuun."

Level 2:
"Bismillahir rahmanir rahiim
 rabbi adkhilni mudkhala sidqin
wa akhrijni mukhraja sidqin
waj'alli mil-ladunka sultanan nasira"

Level 3:
"Bismillahir rahmanir rahiim
 Shollallahu allaihi wasalam
 cipto roso sabda Allah sabda tunggal
 hamba melihat tuhan hamba.
 Hamba mohon ... (fill in your desire)
 (Hu Allah) 3x,
(Innama amruhu idza aroda syaian yaqu lalahu kun fayakun) 41x
Allahu haadiri, Allahu Syahidi, Allahu muttho'liu alaya."

1. Fast for 4 days starting on Monday.
2. Recite hizib 33x after each obligatory prayer. Do this for 7 days. After that, enough 3x after prayer.

1. To cure a victim of black magick/possession:
- Recite 3x while holding breath and blow at the patient.
- Recite 3x while holding breath and blow at water for consumption.

2. To enter a haunted area:- Recite 3x.

3. To dismiss place of vice such as a gambling area; recite 7x to some small stones or sand while holding them; after each 1x recitation, blow a breath at the place and throw a portion of rock/sand towards the area.

4. To remove rain:
- Collect 4 pieces of coral; each piece is recited with hizab 7x, each piece of coral to be located at 4 corners of the area desired.

1. Do not recite inside a house.
2. Do not recite near a pregnant woman.
3. Do not recite inside a car.
4. Recite more salawat to calm the energy.
5. Avoid recite 7x consecutively in fear of activating the power of hizib unintentionally.

My friend, this hizib maghrobi is just for you to explore the rich culture of Jawanese magic. Please do not practise it if you are in doubt. Suffice as a reading material.

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