Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Empowering Nam Man Prai Oil

According to the old pawang that I knew, there is a final step on the making of Nam Man Prai Oil that many people left out. I thought I just furnish the final key. This process can also be used to empower other love oils as I was told.


First one must choose an appropriate place. The place should be an open field with only one weed grown on it. Once the place is identified, go to the place at midnight with the Nam Man Prai Oil. Bury the oil under the weed and immediately go back.


After 49 days period, go to the place again at midnight together with a piece of black cloth, some raw rice and salt. Once you are there, carefully dig out the oil. Once you have seen the oil, throw the raw rice and salt over the oil. Now pick up the oil and wrap it with the black cloth and hurry back to your altar.


In your altar, you must use a piece of needle to prick your ring finger and draw a drop of blood into the Nam Man Prai Oil. Fumigate the oil with Benzoic incense for 7 consecutive nights.


It is said that only now the oil is ready to be used. I am not sure if this is a local addition or it comes together with the original Thai ritual. Whatever case it is, I think this is a soon to be extinct ritual.



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