Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Formidable Green Ghost (攝青鬼)

A Hong Kong movie poster of "green ghost"
Many Chinese believe that when a deceased is given red clothing, then he/she will become fearsome ghosts (厲鬼) to seek revenge. Hence begin the origin of the belief that a ghost in red is a harmful and powerful ghost.


Actually, there is another ghost that is more formidable than the “ghost in red”: It is the notorious “green ghost” or in Chinese: 攝青鬼.


I don’t know if anyone has mastered this method, but I heard that the Deva Kimantang from Deva Yakong lineage has the similar capability and similar training method. Someone told me that this method can break eggs at a distance! I will leave it to the more capable person to find out more...


The unofficial method for becoming a green ghost as I heard is as below:


If anyone wanted to seek revenge in this life and no one is willing to help you, there is a way:


·         First you must find a coffin with a corpse … best if it is a person die in giving birth.

·         Find a place you will not be disturbed for 49 days.

·         Lie under the coffin and try to absorb the corpse energy for 49 days with complete fasting.

·         After 49 days, if you are successful; you will be turned into a half human half spirit creature called the “green ghost”.


Legend has it that the “green ghost” has its name from the fact that it is formed by absorbing the corpse energy. Its original name is 攝屍鬼; translated as the spirit who sucks corpse energy. This name somehow becomes “green ghost” over the years because it is green in color.


It is said that this creature is formed by extreme hatred; hence it is much stronger than the common spirits. So no ordinary ritual implements can harm it. This green ghost can only be harmed by a high priest or extreme Yang energy such as the meteorite phurpa or sword. Otherwise this creature is deemed to be able to live for all eternity. This spirit will not rest even after it has successfully seeks its revenge.


Straightly speaking, the green ghost is not a full spirit, nor is it a human. Anyone who comes into the way of a green ghost will be harmed by it.


The signs of a green ghost (if you are ‘lucky’ enough to come across one):


·         It doesn’t consume physical food.

·         It is attracted by person who is full of hatred.

·         It has glassy red eyes.


  1. I am not in a position to say what works and what doesn't.

    A mantra cannot solve problem as a whole.

    Your problem may be due to Vaastu or Astrology influences.

    Spirits sometimes work but cannot be depended on.

  2. How would this ghost fare against phra ngan? Or a more straight forward comparison. Red eye ngan?

    1. Red eye ngan is demi-god... but this ghost is half-physical, half-spirit. Unless one has mastered the red eye ngan practices, I think in some situation; it is more powerful.

  3. I think it is known to Malay folks as Langsuir because a taxi driver told me that in Sri Damansara flats, he had encounter a woman ghost with a silky long hair, wearing green robe and glowing red eyes

    1. Seriously? I live nearby there? Can tell me more about it?