Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Make Or Break With Casuarina (木麻黃)

What do you think a Beach Oak can do other than provide shades for beach picnikers?
Casuarina Equisetifolia or commonly known as Beach Oak can be found in many places in China, Southeast Asia, Australia, Africa and even USA. Not many people realize that this common plant also has its use in love and break magic.


First, to cast the love magic:


·         Purchase a pair of new scissors.

·         Cut a length of Casuarina Equisetifolia twig and further cut this branch into 6 sub-sections.

·         After that wrap the branch pieces with a piece of black cloth.

·         Go near to the sea or river bank, recite mantra 49 times then say the name of the person you intend to charm to empower the twig.

·         Take one section for him/her to step over, or soak into water to drink or bath.

·         Your target will fall in love with you in good time.


Second, to cast the break magic:


·         Get a pair of new scissors.

·         Go to the tree after 4pm and cut a length of twig. Further cut the twig into 7 small pieces.

·         Wrap the pieces with a black cloth and bring them to a river bank.

·         Throw the twig pieces into the flowing water one by one while calling his/her name.

·         Your target will leave you in good time.


I would like to put forward a very gentle reminder that adequate protection must be exercised before tempting this ritual or harm may come to the ritual caster.



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