Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Phra Ngang Vs Lady Wanthong

Statue of Lady Nang Phim (Wanthong)

The amulet of Lady Nang Phim
You will never believe what happened to me last night.


First, a friend sent me many Kumanthong statues … a total of ten pieces plus a piece of Arjarn Perm’s special Phra Ngang and Lady Wanthong or also known as Nang Phim amulet. We all know that Wanthong is the mother of Kumanthong and Kun Pean is the father. Well, I will just let you google the net to find out more about Lady Wanthong.


Back to the story … So I happily unpacked the parcel and carefully arranged all statues and amulets onto my altar. Looked pretty impressive I thought. After that I lighted some incense and prayed to the mother to watch over her children as I don’t want mischievous children to be in my house. What’s so special about all this you think? Hold your horses; let me come to the second part of the story.


Just yesterday afternoon, my old time sailor pal from Johor Bahru came to visit me. He said that he wasn’t married for that day (being out of sight of his wife) as he traveled alone. So what else? We both went out for Penang downtown bar hopping and ‘special’ massaging. Yeah… you guessed it right, we brought the special Phra Ngang and the Nam Man Prai Oil out too! Hmm… just want to test out their powers so to speak ;-).


As we were ready to go out at around 6pm, a swallow flew into my balcony four times, and on the final time; it suddenly dropped in front of me as if giving me a Tibetan style prostration! After that the swallow stared at me and then flipped its wings and flew off. Pretty interesting don’t you think so? I don’t know if it is the power of Phra Ngang or something else. Whatever the case was, we did enjoy our night out and only returned to my apartment with two dozen can of beers to continue the drinking session in front of my altar until we were so drunk that we slept there until I got this very strange dream in the morning …


In the dream, I saw many children moving my pal, all the beers, female masseurs, ladies away … as I stared transfixed with amazement, a very pretty lady in Thai costume came to me and said: “You shouldn’t do that type of things, they're extremely bad for the children and the lady doesn’t like them at all. A decent girl will come to you if you promise to stay away from those sinful things …”

Interesting enough, I found my pal who were supposed to be lying beside me intoxicated by the alcohol, somehow inside the toilet. And when I woke him up; the first thing he said to me was: "I saw many children pushing me to the toilet! Maybe I'm too old to have a mug too many already.. Hahaha.."


Frankly, I don’t know if it was my alcohol effect or something else; but I do know that Lady Wanthong and Phra Ngang don’t mix well! What do you think folks? Do I follow Phra Ngang's way ... or do I follow Lady Wanthong's ;-)??


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