Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Powerful Thunder Stone (Batu Petir)

So you think think stone is black in colour?

Think again! It is blue!
There are many types of thunder stones, but majority of them are black in colour. Some say that there are some metallic substances in these stones. Sometimes these stones are found in fragments due to the lightning strike.


It is said that the thunder stones are found in two conditions:


·         During raining

·         During dry season


Some people say that the thunder stones can be subdivided into male and female. The male will be black and the female will be white in colour. Some even attest to it that the stones found in the rain are the best ones. But I don’t think anyone will search for a stone in rainy days though (or he/she may be strike by the lightning!)


How to differentiate if it is a real or fake?


Well, the authentic thunder stone possesses a burnt smell. The wearer of this stone will feel his or her hands heavy and ring finger numb or ache as if there is electric charge. However, if the energy of the stone is already attuned with the owner, then this person will feel as if the ring finger is empty (vanished)!


It is said that the one who wears a thunder stone can move as swift as a lightning. The thunder stone is also said to possess power to exorcise spirits and distance punching. I have a friend who put his thunder stone together with his other mustika pearls. The next day, he found all his mustika pearls scattered across the floor as if hit by a lightning… except the thunder stone of course.



  1. And the plagiarism continues... You even own such stones?

    1. Hahaha... for d fun of it ;->

      Nope. As I have said it in d heading, just copy for your reading pleasure.. Hahaha

  2. Hi Mr Shih Perng Liew,
    I've read all of your articles and I am very lucky to join your group of readers.You know my grant were from Indonesia and I am from the third generation who know a little about things,but from all that I have heard I have able to read it on your site.So let me tell you I am also a owner a lightningstone(a frontteethform got from a uncle,he had two precisly the same like a copy.But he found them in two difrent places,one in a footballfield 50 km away from we live now and the other he found in his backyard on a coconuttree after a lightning has stroked) and it strike up enemies if they try their magic.

  3. Mr Shih Perng Liew,
    I've also experience lightning stroke upon me,I was walking in the rain at night,saw lightning stroke several times in front of me and after that I saw rapidly only red in the darknight!!! oh man I thought I was dead or so but not a single scratch or burn.Now I am no longer afraid of lightning.

  4. where can someone get such stone in nigeria

  5. Hi, I just received a "Pearl" like stone with burning marks on it.. it was very heavy though small. According to its previous owner, this stone was originated from one of Cambodia's Buddhist temple's stone staircase where the lightning stroke it many times until the stone staircase was scattered and these "Pearl" like stone were appeared... I tried to search more info for it but in vain.. until I was leaded to here....

    1. Hallo John, als bij het houden van de steen in je handen je tintelingen geeft of stroom gevoel geeft heb je echt een dondersteen.
      Als eigenaar wordt je overal gerespecteerd, je alles aan als een magneet geld, vrouwen, geluk alles. jij moet weten wat goed is voor jou. ga op youtube zoek " Batu Petir " dan kan je meer leren.

  6. How can I buy one I’m very interested in owning one or two

  7. I have this rare stone genuinr 100%