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Opening 3rd Eye Exercises (开眼)

In my opinion, there is only one standard method to open a person’s 3rd eye properly and safely. This method is through meditation; although there are many supplementary exercises to enhance the opening of 3rd eye.


A faster way to see spiritual world is through a spirit that possess the person. That is to say that the person sees through the eyes of another spirit that resides in his/her body. This is a faster way of seeing spiritual world but the spirit may deceive its host by only letting what it wanted the person to see. Seeing through a spirit helper or ‘khodam’ if you like to call it is not recommended as it will give us a false impression of what we see. This spirit may hamper the host to achieve higher spiritual level.


As a matter of fact, people who think they see spirits mean that these folks already possessed by those spirits and it is these spirits that allow the hosts to perceive them.


There is no shortcut to open one’s 3rd eye as it boils down to hard work and a pure heart. Contrary to common belief, anyone can perform the opening up of his/her 3rd eye if he/she is persistent enough. For the inspired, I list down the below preconditions according to my experience:


·         One must be persistent as it may take somewhere between 3 months to 6 months to see the light.

·         One must be honest to him/herself as what one sees is what one gets.

·         Please do not add in any subconscious suggestions such as “I think I see white light…”

·         Please do not add any mental visualizations, if there is none, then there is none and continue with the meditation until one really sees something.

·         There is no need to recite mantra during the meditation but the person should stay vigilant of his/her surroundings.

·         Always perform the meditation in a safe place: safety first.


I have to reiterate that the traditional method of opening up one’s 3rd eye is pretty mechanical and it does not involve spirits or is there a need to recite mantras. The only requirement is perseverance.


The main practice: Meditation


The meditation method to open up one’s 3rd eye is simple: the person only needs to concentrate on a point between his/her brows or at a point about 3 inches above his/her head.


The trick to this meditation is just to look at the point with mind’s eye and relax, after a while one should see a dot of white light and the light may become as big as a ping pong ball. It takes somewhere from 2 weeks to 6 months to reach this stage but one should not create the image of the light. If there is none, then there is none; just let it be.


The supplemental practices


1.      Kundalini arising

a.       Visualize white Kundalini arises from the base chakra and then moves towards the crown chakra. At the crown chakra, white light fills the head and then this light is channelled to the 3rd eye area and then making a clockwise movement. At the same time, one should intone the sound: “Innnn….” Until the air is exhausted.

b.      For a beginner, this exercise should not exceed 10 minutes.

c.       After the exercise, continue to meditate at the 3rd eye area.

2.      Cupping of eyes

a.       After each of the Tenaga Dalam, Chi Gong or Reiki exercises and while one’s palms are still warm, then quickly go to a dark spot and cups one’s eyes with palms. At this point one would see lights of different colours. Now, move these lights to one’s 3rd eye area and gradually the lights would form a spot.

3.      Rain water method

a.       Collect some rain water and anoint the 3rd eye area 49 times before meditaion.

4.      The candle method

a.       First one should light one candle and then blindfolds him/herself.

b.      Now, try to see the candle light through the blind.

c.       When one can ‘see’ the candle light, the thickness of the blind should be increased until no light can be seen.

d.      This exercise should be repeated until the light is again seen.


Testing of 3rd Eye


·         After one month or so, one can test the 3rd eye by first reading a deck of poker, and gradually see through obstacles.

·         These exercises should be repeated diligently, honestly and faithfully until correct result is achieved.


Limitations of 3rd Eye


·         The accuracy of one’s reading depends on the person’s mental and physical health.

·         One should not use the 3rd eye for reading 3 consecutive matters at the beginning or the accuracy would drop.

·         For some reasons, if the 3rd eye is used for gambling reasons, the 3rd eye would lose its accuracy.


Final words


Finally, let me iterate that there is no need to receive empowerment to open one’s 3rd eye. If one is afraid, then he/she can recite certain prayers according to his/her religions to setup protective boundaries. Otherwise, there is no need to perform any kind of rituals. Please remember, the 3rd eye is our natural gift, one doesn’t need any spirit to unblock it. Good luck.


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