Monday, August 30, 2010

The Practice of Tenaga Dalam (TD)

“Tenaga dalam” or literary translated as “internal energy”.

This sect is originated and mainly practiced in SEA countries; the content consists of a set of breathing exercises and chanting aimed at accumulating “Chi” power; similar to Chinese Qi Gong but with elements of shamanism and spirituality. TD is the equivalent to Chinese Taoist “Liu Ren”(六壬神功) or “Mao Shan (茅山神打)”.

There are many school of TDs, but their contents are almost similar in nature:

• The generation of automatic kung fu, martial art or silat.

• The practice of invulnerability, exorcism, distance strike, treasure hunting, remote viewing, astral travel, psychic healing and other psychic feasts.

• Absorbing the power of elementals (fire, water, earth and wind), moon, sun, stars to increase internal strength.

• Some school will include means to contact guardian spirit to increase the power of the practice.

• At more advanced levels, a practitioner can withstand boiling oil, sharp knives and cane strike; or the like.

The practice of TD is generally the prerequisite to any other more advanced magical rituals. There is normally a initiatory period of 7/14 or 21 days of initial practices that a practitioner will need to follow; and depending the level of mastery that a person would like to master.

What is the purpose of TD you may ask? I would postulate that the original purposes of TD exercise are for safety and protection during traveling. In the past, traveling is difficult, there were not many established roods to connect towns; the jungles in the Tropics were thick with a lot of wild and poisonous animals and insects in addition to mention attacks from robbers and evil spirits.

That was in the past, but do we need TD now? I would not encourage anyone to this practice as some dangers are certainly inherited. It is extremely easy to get injured without the supervision of a master. But let’s look into the current situations: difficulty in finding jobs, increase in crime rates, uncertainty in natural disasters and new viruses. Can we safely say that our current advance society is much safer than before; and that we are safe from all harms?


  1. I think security in the past was even better than the current age of uncertainty. This is not far fetch, in the United States you are attacked when you are not expecting such a woeful evil.

    And back to human point of view about security and wether they would like to have TD or not. It is abviours that humanbeings have always been in constantly such of a lasting solution to their problems, be it financial, security, health, just to mention a few. Of course, this problems since in centuries have not been dealt with reality, so they continue to resurface now and then.

    So it will be left to the human imagination to suggest wether Tenaga Dalam could be a substitute of his security needs.

    Obviously, it will not be bad to post a knowledge of such king for practice of whoever wants. Of course, your post should always be disclaimed so that you are not held responsible for used of any material on this website.

    Thanks, and hope that it makes sense to you.

  2. Salam. I believe that all knowledge in this world is from God. The best knowledge is indeed the knowledge of Tauhid which is to know God and his attributes. Tenaga Dalam is indeed one of God's gift to humankind. Use it only for self defence and with good intentions. May Allah bless us with His knowledge.