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To invoke a “Hantu Raya/Wandering Spirit”

The term “Hantu Raya” in Malay society includes djinns, spirits or Satan.

Below is a method of spirit invocation…from a Malay magical tradition. This creature can be inherited for generations. Include here for your reference and not for practice.

Prepare a raw chicken egg, make a small hole with needle on the egg shell; drop a drop of the magician’s own blood from his/her left little finger into the hole. Other items required: a handful of yellow glutinous rice, a piece of cigarette, and a handful of rice. Practice this at single mound far away from people, and do this in the middle of the night. The mantra:-

“Oh you wandering spirit,

Spirits of air,

I know your origin,

You are from Prophet Adam’s nose hair,

Consume this chicken egg,

Come, you,

Come and eat this offering."

"Oh you wandering spirit,

Come here, let’s be friends,

Come to watch over me,

You must follow my commands,

Follow all my commands,

Oh you wandering spirit,

I looked like you, you looked like me,

I looked like you inside me,

Don’t you transgress my orders,

If you are disobedient,

I will arrow you down,

With multiple arrows,

Magical arrows,

The arrow of Arjuna.”

This practice must be done for 3 consecutive nights. The last night is the key as to whether one’s conjuration is successful or otherwise. This creature may materialize on the offerings. It is this time that the magus inform the creature of his/her intention, with the promise of periodical food offering, be it once in a month, weekly basis etc. It is up to the creature as to accept or reject the agreement to “serve” the magus. The magus will feel cold at his/her thumb or toe thumb, then the whole body will feel cold. This is the indication that the creature has entered inside the body. After that the creature will leave the body either through the toe thumb or the right thumb. The body temperature of the magus will recover once the creature has left. With this the bond between the magus and the wandering spirit is formed. The creature is then ordered by the magus to follow him back home.

Amongst others, the purpose to “rear hantu raya” is to look after oneself, family and properties; including life stocks and plantations from thieves. One also can become invulnerable.

The hantu raya will follow its master’s command provided it is treated before hand prior to any orders. The food offerings are: yellow glutinous rice, betel leaves, foreword nuts, chicken eggs, rice and tobaccos. There are certain prayers in the calling of the hantu raya. If the ritual is accompanied with the burning of benzoic incense, then the hantu raya will do its job more quickly.

To destroy an enemy, recite the following mantra:

“Hi my child, the wandering spirit,

Go and haunt: speak the name of target with his mother’s name;

You eat his/her heart and stomach,

If you don’t go to eat his/her heart and stomach,

Destroy, eat his heart and stomach,

I curse you,

You disobey the God,

You disobey the Prophet,

You disobey me.”

This creature needs to be prepared to protect its master during journey. Below is an example of the mantra:

“Hi my child, the wandering spirit,

Be prepared.

I want to travel,

Watch me from above,

Don’t you disobey me.

You disobey Muhammad,

You disobey Allah.”

N/B: This method is intended for reading purposes, publish here without support.

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