Saturday, August 28, 2010

Aura of a House

It is believed that a human has aura, so has a house. Those who are acute in sixth sense will be able to sense it. Below are some pointers for reference purposes only:

When going into a house, if the first impression of the place is clean, fresh and bright; then the family must be doing well. On the other hand, if there are signs of paints peeling off and as if color is fading and gloomy; then the family is not doing well.

If on entering an empty space, the first feeling is as if there are a lot of people, then this is a good place for business. However, if you feel cold; then the place would not be prosperous.

A sense of white mist in a house signifies death, or something dying; do not engage if this is a new property.

Light yellow is auspicious, indicates wealth.

Black color is the worst color to be sighted; normally signifies killing, or the approaching of a disaster.

If there is rainbow concealed within black color; shows that the disaster will be over soon.

If there is rainbow concealed within white color, then there is a mixture of good and bad things.

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