Thursday, August 26, 2010

Spirit Possessions

The phenomenon of spirit possession is normally thought to be superstition due to lack of scientific evident. Having said so, there are still a lot of reported cases on possessions and exorcisms since the dawn of human civilisation. The practice of exorcism still prevails even though we have stepped into current technological advanced era. If the rite of exorcism can cure a thought to be mentally ill person, then would you say this is superstition; and what is the explanation of it?

According to the master of the arts, there are similarities between mental illness and spirit possession. If their differences cannot be identified; then it is very easy to mistreating the patient. Dire consequences may be resulted.

Some signs and symptoms of spirit possessions:

1. At the beginning stage, the person falls sick easily, even though the sicknesses are not major; but they are very hard to cure.

2. Always feel tired and lethargic. Eight hour’s sleep is normally sufficient for a healthy person; but the patient may sleep for 12-13hours and feel worse.

3. Feels more energetic at night but lethargic daytime.

4. Offended easily; even with small matters.

5. At the intermediate stage, the patient always feels mentally that there is a “third person” talking to him or her. This is because there is a spirit intruding into the patient’s aura. If he/she is brought to a doctor, then it is easy to diagnose the patient is suffering from psychological disorders.

6. The person becomes lazy, like to wander outside; and when return home, like to sit alone like a stone.

7. Not interest to work and incline to commit suicide.

8. At the advance stage, the patient finds hard to find his/her way home; sleep near rubbish dump and make he/she very filthy. It is really difficult to cure at this stage.

9. The patient likes to be alone and does not like to talk.

10. The patient’s forehead will be clouded with black aura and at the edge of his/her eyes will show black spots.

It is certainly true that with one or two points above would not confirm a person is possessed by spirit. But if a few symptoms appear simultaneously; then may be there is a need to take precaution.

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