Friday, August 27, 2010

Intended Spirit Possession

Even though spirit possessions are thought to be scary, but Mao Shan Taoist and the like make use of spirits to perform some tasks in riligious rituals. Below is one of the spirit invocation methods that can cause the practitioner to lose consciousness when the spirit has entered the body.

Method presented here is complete and is intended for reference purposes only. There are other methods as methods vary according to traditions.

Mao Shan Invocation (Unconscious)

• Inscribe the above ‘fu’ or talisman on 9 pieces of yellow paper with black ink.

• Burn 3 sticks of sandalwood incense.

• Burn the 9 pieces of yellow paper in the incense holder, one by one.

• Recite the mantra until the spirit comes; this is indicated by losing of consciousness, shaking of body and hands move uncontrollably.

• When the practitioner is in a trance state he/she can perform below tasks but when regain consciousness, the person cannot remember whatever he/she has done.

– Find missing person using only with the person’s photograph.

– Climb stair case composes of sharp knives.

– Any other matters that is intended.

• The person will be exhausted when the spirit leaves his/her body.

• The trance may take place any place and time if precautions are not taken.

The Mantra:


“天靈地靈, 水靈火靈,乾坤合體,神人通心,




The Authentic Mao Shan Spirit Invocation Method:

“The sky and earth, water and fire true; the sky and the earth becomes one, my mind is one with god’s mind. From duality to primordial cloud, my mind is clear. Make haste, O my god; my god, make haste. I pray earnestly, come to my altar, god and human unite, and all magic becomes true. I request the presence of the grand master Shan-Shan-Jiu-Hou with a hasty order.”

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