Friday, August 27, 2010

From Spirit Possession to Feng Shui Consultancy

Generally speaking, it is not a big issue when coming to carrying out a Feng Shui visitation to a new house or meeting a customer for astrological consultation. But when properties have backgrounds such as suicides, murder cases or the building place was once a cemetery; then it is likely that there are some spirit occupants within. It can be likely that the person who is being consulted is possessed; then the master must pay particular attention to these special circumstances. In addition to the normal Feng Shui or astrological remedies, it is normal to supplement the remedial actions with talismans.

The Feng Shui master in addition, must arm himself/herself with some protections such as carrying protective talismans, jade or metallic fork and knife to reduce the risks or being possessed.

In order to minimise the negative effects suffered; there are 7 rules that a Feng Shui and astrology master traditionally abides to:

1. Won’t entertain a person that is not sincere.

2. Won’t entertain a person who is in doubt and scorn at occult practices.

3. Won’t entertain a person who wants to harm others.

4. Won’t entertain a person who is rich and arrogant.

5. Won’t entertain a person who goes against the law.

6. Won’t practise occult when the master is in anger.

7. Won’t practise occult when the master’s luck is not good.

If the master can abides by the above 7 rules, then the chance of the master himself or herself of being possessed would minimised.

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