Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Classic Malay Love Oil Ritual

I got the below Malay love oil making process from a very old Malay pawang (shaman) some time ago. He said he learnt this ritual from Sumatera, Indonesia when he was very young. I don’t know if you can find similar ritual out there but this is what I got in hand so I just post the process out for your reading pleasure. The oil making is pretty tedious and may not be suitable for city dwellers now-a-days:


1.      Get 7 pieces of cat’s placentas into an earth container.

2.      Burn the container with small fire for 1 whole day until all of the placentas become ashes.

3.      After that add some plain water and heated the mixture until thicken.

4.      Add further one bowl of coconut oil into the container and heated further until the content becomes half bowl.

5.      Remove the container and let it cool down naturally.

6.      After that filter out the impurities then add some perfume.

7.      Store the love oil in a tight seal container for 100 days in your house.

8.      The love oil is deemed ready to be applied onto the skin of your target.


I have not personally tried out the ritual as I don’t have the patience to squat down the whole day watching over the fire. If you did try out the ritual, then kindly let me know.

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  1. I saw this ritual in Chinese Taoism 茅山術, too. I did not try it cause I thought it lacked of the most important process- mantra! Love Oil of Thailand is also famous and requires mantra recitation, which makes the difference.