Saturday, June 1, 2013

Working With Spiritual Plants DIY

An Indo-style altar setup.

A Sino-style altar setup.

I had been working with this interesting Ngai or just ‘spiritual plant’ stuffs for the past few weeks now and had some very interesting experiences. So I just want to share a fairly simple way of making our own spiritual plants. The inherent danger of spirit intrusion is still there … Having said so; it is not so easy to attract powerful spirits. Still, for the general folks, I would advise caution and at best not to try this ritual.
Now the ritual outline:
·         Get yourself a haunted plant. You can conjure any spirits into it.
·         Choose a stream that you think would work for you best:
o   The Sino-style
o   The Indo-style
·         Setup a small altar as shown above. This altar only serves as control.
·         It is best to leave the spirit plant outside of your house; but you may also keep it beside the altar. I don’t like to keep plants in my living room, so I would rather put the plants outside.
·         Give incense and a cup of water or tea offerings daily to the altar; a chicken egg twice a month. You will notice that in time the chicken egg becomes empty inside with the outer shell intact.
·         You should talk to the plant twice daily once in the morning and once in the evening about your wish and what help you want from it.
·         If you are travelling, ask the spirit to follow you where ever you go. Or you can ask the spirit to watch over your premises or plantation.
Personally, I think this ritual is an alternative to Kumanthong. Proponents of spiritual plants think the plants are more powerful and active than the Kumanthong but my take is that both practices have advantages and disadvantages. A green finger would probably go for the spiritual plant instead of Kumanthong though.

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