Wednesday, April 2, 2014

This Lady Killed Her Hubby (杀夫妇)

I got to know Ms Ding when she visited me one day for consultation. She told me that she was sexually assaulted by her boy friend when she was young and that she had spent time in jail due to homicide.


Ms Ding is born on November 20th, 1971 at 7am. Below is her astrology reading:






First, this lady is not someone to be tempered with as she with fight till one party dies even though her life force is fairly weak. Basically the reading shows that this lady is cleaver but a loner, she is destined to break the law and the chance of being imprisoned is great.


Her major luck reads:





On her luck between 21 to 30 years old is shown in red, she was destined to involve in a fight that caused injuries to herself and her opponent; and her opponent was her husband as shown in her main reading above.


Indeed the unfortunate incident happened in 1993 which is the year of rooster:




In 1993, when Ms Ding was 22, she had an argument with her hubby concerning money issues and they had a fight. Unfortunately, her hubby was accidently killed by Ms Ding with a piece of stick.


Ms Ding was subsequently sentenced to 10 years imprisonment.


Now Ms Ding is 43, she is in her 41 to 50 years old major luck. Apparently she is suffering from her old injuries and she can call herself lucky if she can celebrate her 51st birthday.


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