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Certain Music Attracts Spirits

Below very interesting stories are contributed by Barry… I must agree with Barry that certain type of music does attract spirits at certain time. The old Chinese believed that if someone is playing flute in the middle of the night in an open area will attract ghosts.






Recently I've just bought a guitar because friend of mine once said that he is willing to teach me how to play it, and I was interested in music too. I was living on a "kamar kos" (a kind of dorm room) back then. One day, when he came to teach me and he began to play a music. After a while, I notice several "spirits fireflies" come near him. He began to wondered, "Why you looked at me with that looks?" I only tell him while smiling, "Certain music attract certain spirits..." That sightings occurred several times in many different occasion and different place when he played music. Anyway, he doesn't play religious song at that time. He played a kind of pop music. Forgot the title though... And of course, he knows about my interest in occult things...


Speculation regarding this case:


Theory 1:

Those "fireflies" are fairies. Since my pal's behaviour is childlike sometimes, and usually faeries are attracted to kids. I notice how his eyes become glittering like a playgroup children found a new toys when he played my guitar. The childlike mind and music are perfect combination for faeries...


Theory 2:

Those "fireflies" are his guardians. Since my pal's parents is a devout Catholic and often pray for him although he himself is not really that devout. I was once see his guardians in another occasion. So it's not the music that attract the spirits in this theory. They only manifest as usual and maybe take some interest in music. But they are already there... Not some kind of stranger spirits that being attracted.


Theory 3:

Those "fireflies" are the guardians of my "sacred place". Living in "kamar kos" means you don't have much space to be able to create a special altar room and sacred space. So that only room I living is also my sacred place.


Theory 4:

Those "fireflies" are wondering spirits that come around by coincidence, and somehow I associated them with the music even though the two are not related.







I once take some interest in Japanese folk song named "kagome kagome". In case you want to know some stories, games associated with it, or background in depth regarding this song, you can open this link : Below is the lyrics of the song and a translation according to my intepretation (because the song itself is a bit ambiguous to be able to translated properly).


Kagome kagome (cage oh cage),

Kago no naka no tori wa (a bird trapped within a cage).

Itsu itsu deyaru? (when oh when it would come out?),

Yoake no ban ni (in the night of dawn...).

Tsuru to kame ga subetta (heron and turtle are falling over).

Ushiro no shoumen daare? (whose face it is when you look behind?)


*Kagome = 8 pointed star or cage

*Heron symbolize prosperity, turtle symbolize longevity.

*"heron and turtle are falling over" could means "no prosperity no longevity"


I learn how to sing it from youtube. There are at least two events of spirits attracting when I sing it in two different occasion.


First, when I stayed over my friends house and began to sing that song. He feel unusual shivers and later when he go out to take some water, he saw sightings of "white lady" even though he almost never "seeing things" before.


Second, I sang that song at my office. Another friend that often meditate and develop a noticeable degree of sensitiveness began to feel uneasy and told me to stop singing because it attract many spirits. He began to recite "Ratana Sutta" to calm those spirits and ward them off.


Speculation regarding this case :


Theory 1:

The song itself has a kind of bad origin so it could attract bad spirits, breaking any boundary of language, culture, and place. How local spirits could understand Japanese language? Or maybe those sightings are the authentic Japanese spirits? I wonder myself...


Theory 2:

Somehow I sing that song with certain degree of appreciation of its meaning. The appreciation of mine could be the cause of spirit attraction.


Theory 3:

This theory is given from my office friend mentioned before. The tone of the song itself has a property that could attract spirits. Even if you're humming the song without sing its lyrics, it could still attract spirits.


Anyway I leave to you any interpretation or theory that born from these stories.

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