Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Household With 4+1 Members (无形的客人)

A friend Mr. Chen invited me to visit his apartment which is situated in Tanjung Bunga near TAR College. According to Mr. Chen, he and his family moved into the apartment about a year ago and that there are only 4 persons living in his apartment: Mr. and Mrs. Chen, his son named Albert and his daughter Lisa.


Strange things started since as Mrs. Chen always felt that there is an additional ‘person’ up to such a stage that she even prepared an additional seat and a bowl of rice during lunch and dinner.


In one occasion when both of the kids were out leaving Mr. and Mrs. Chen alone in their apartment, suddenly Mrs. Chen said: “What is Albert doing inside the store room as I seen he went in about an hour ago?”


Mr. Chen answered in astonishment: “I thought both of the kids are out!?”


Even so, Mrs. Chen still believed that she has seen someone entered the store room with her naked eyes.


Yet in another occasion, the couple went to attend a wedding function and Mrs. Chen was quite sure that she has stored away all her makeup utensils in her cupboard before she left. Again to her amazement, all her makeup kits laid all over her makeup table when she returned from the wedding. Both of the kids were interrogated but only to receive denial and blank faces from the kids.


Now Mr. Chen suspected his wife being psychosis and he asked Mrs. Chen to consult a psychologist. However, after a series of diagnostics and Mrs. Chen was pronounced to be normal.


After listening to Mr. Chen’s interesting stories, I took out my compass and take some measurements. After a while, I pulled Mr. Chen out from his apartment and said quietly to him: “There is a spirit in your house but it meant no harm. Since your wife can see it then this won’t be good in long run. The best method is to give it a place to ‘sit’ so that it will not harass your wife. Further, if you do so; the spirit will help you in your business. I cannot exorcise this spirit as it stays put before you.”


Mr. Chen didn’t want to move house so he prepared a small altar in the store room and make offerings to the spirit daily. Indeed, after the altar is setup, Mrs. Chen didn’t see the spirit anymore and Mr. Chen’s business is progressing well till today.

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