Sunday, April 27, 2014

Docs From Hell (如此大夫)

First of all, I am not trying to belittle the docs. But there are just too many docs out there that just continue to make my head shake for they just interested in making money out of their poor patients. It is not fair just to throw out statements as such, so let me tell you two personal encounters just this year:


True Story 1


My cousin sister, Janet is a hotel housekeeping supervisor in her late 30’s working in Singapore. A few months ago, she felt executing pain at her lower back area when she was mending a bed. Since then Janet couldn’t walk straight and this nagging problem has tormented her for about a year or so until she finally gone to see a doctor.


As told by Janet that she immediately burst into tears when the good doc told Janet that she had slip disc and needed to be operated immediately… and folks, that would cost of around SGD30k and 3 months’ rest. Apparently good old Janet couldn’t afford the price, not to mention that she might lost her job.


So Janet went to Melaka to see a traditional healer as introduced by her brother and her condition improved almost immediately. I only learnt about her plight during our New Year gathering as her pain has revisited her. Since the clinics didn’t open for business during that time, I volunteered myself to treat her.


Well, my tool was simple: a piece of buffalo horn. After 20 minutes of treatment, Janet showed a sense of relief on her face and to her surprised that her nagging problem was just cured by a piece of MYR10 buffalo horn?


True Story 2


My mom has dry eyes since a year ago. She continued to use artificial tear drops to keep her eyes moist until fairly recently that the artificial tears wasn’t helpful and due to the dryness that my mom’s eyes became red.


I have advised mom to drink plenty of water and drink some Chrysanthemum or Mulberry tea. But my mom insisted to pay her good doc a visit and was given some antibiotic to apply onto her eyes as the doc suspected my mom has suffered from ‘red eye syndrome’.


It was quite unfortunate that my mom’s condition didn’t improved after spending a couple hundreds of dollars. Her eyes became redder still and she kept winking her eyes indicating her utmost discomfort.


I thought of sending mom to visit a specialist and again it was during weekends and the specialist wasn’t in business. So I asked my bro to bring her to a trusted TCM sensei (先生) in the hope to lessen mom’s pain at least momentarily perhaps.


It was to all our relief that my mom’s pain was lessened almost immediately after the TCM sensei gave her a round of acupuncture. Tears begun to flow out from my mom’s eyes!


On seeing this situation, the TCM sensei gave mom some herbal medicine and asked her to come again a week later.


All in all, the treatment cost less than MYR50… what can I say?


In both of the cases, if we followed the advices of the good docs; I’m sure that Janet wouldn’t be able to walk properly and my mom would probably be blind by now… There are certainly cases where modern physicians can do better of course. It would be up to us to keep our fingers crossed and pray that a good doc appear when in need.


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