Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Indian Curse For The Jilt & The Like

The curse how-to's for the interested.
I accidently met an Indian lady at a crossroad near where I stayed about two weeks ago in the dead of the night performing some sort of ritual; which I later learnt from the lady that it was a curse for the person who has hurt her heart.


Below is what the lady told me, she allowed me to publish the ritual for those people who felt that they have been the victim of unjust. In order to perform this ritual, first we must get some basic ingredients: a lime, two coffin nails, a dozen of sewing needles, an earth urn filled with water fetched from a river and some weeds and Moringa leaves for self protection.


The best timing to perform this ritual is at midnight 3 days after full moon and before dark moon. When the ingredient is prepared, we will need to pray in front of black goddess Kali in her wrathful form for assistance and to catch the soul of the culprit into the lime. After performing some length of incantation according to our wish, we must explicitly express what type of mishaps our target should suffer due to his/her mischievous behaviors.


When we feel that the person’s soul has entered into the lime, we prick the two coffin nails into the lime making an ‘X’ sign. Then, we continue to prick all available needles into the lime while thinking of the person’s face. After that, the lime is placed into the earth urn and the whole assembly is brought to a crossroad and smashed in the middle of the crossroad. With the disintegration of the urn, the curse is deemed to take effect.


Now the spell caster must quickly return home and hang the protective charm above the house entrance to prevent the curse from bouncing back. The lady said that the curse will take effect upon the coming full moon.


Again, I don’t think I ever need this ritual… but if you wanted to give it a try; then please tell me the effect if any. It is not that I encourage such practices: I am interested in the effectiveness only.


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