Sunday, April 27, 2014

Secret Ingredient For Knock Out Wine (一杯醉)

I was absent from my blog for a good reason. My life was too boring and I decided I need some travelling due north. Or I wouldn’t have any stories to continue with further blog postings…


Just fairly recently I had an opportunity to dine with a Cambodian old man during my Indochina rendezvous. The meeting was not prearranged just to tell you the truth. You see, I was waiting for my friend to come and fetch me in a local restaurant and this old man just barged in and asked me if he can sit beside me. I didn’t refuse his request and invited him to be seated.


It was raining quite heavily outside so I ordered a bowl of hot noodle soup for the grandpa and we begun our not so fluent conversation. As a matter of fact, the conversation was more like guessing hand gestures than actual talking: I don’t speak Cambodian and the grandpa doesn’t speak English. Luckily the grandpa understands a little Chinese and seems that that was sufficient to get the meaning through.


After the simple meal, we sort of chatting about the local delicacies and good local hang about. Somehow the conversation topic was veered towards the magical practices and once this topic is touched upon, I could see old grandpa’s eyes suddenly brightened up and he told me a secret recipe to make knock-out wine that could knock out any drinker. That was to repay my good hospitality.


According to the grandpa, the main ingredient of the knock-out wine is any rotating parts: bullock cart wheels, bicycle wheel frames, metal gears etc. So, once we have gotten the required ingredients; we can just dip the part into a bottle of wine on a full moon night. If the part is too big, then it is okay to break it into pieces and fill it in the bottle.


Now, we must put this special wine under our beds for one complete month before letting our opponents to consume. Before we parted, the grandpa touted that a small cup of this special vine is enough to bring down any super good drinkers. The antidote to this spell is simple: Just hold a piece of pebble or wood in your palm and the magic will be null and void.


This spell is useless to me as even a small cup of ordinary wine already make me see stars and planets. So, I don’t drink and would just leave it for the interested parties to experiment. But just a word of caution: drinking is bad for your health! Take it or leave it.

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