Sunday, May 4, 2014

An Herbalist’s Guide For Aura Balancing

There are many methods to balance one’s aura. One can perform the traditional chakra balancing techniques of Kundalini Yoga if he or she so wish desires; or one can use the ‘herbalist’s tree balancing method’.


Basically in old herbalist’s view, our emotions and the well beings of our physical body are pretty much affected by the external world: Our working environment, our colleagues, people that we come into contact daily and seasons of the year affect the conditions of aura.


Our aura can be contaminated by parasitic entities, negative or positive energies; whatever case it may be. If these foreign energies are not grounded at the end of the day, our emotions and subsequently our health will be affected. And that’s the reason why people in professions such as doctor, teacher, masseurs, social workers etc. tend to suffer from serious illness years later.


In order to get the maximum benefit, one should be able to detect his or her weakest organs by running a simple check:


·         Move the chi () to a point about 3 inches below navel called ‘dantian’ (丹田) and meditate for a few minutes.

·         Now lead the chi into the kidneys and see if kidneys are okay. Move on to liver, heart, spleen, lungs and finally back to dantian again.

·         If any of the organs are weak, then we will need to rebalance those organs one at a time.


After that, one must choose a tree according to below and go to the tree preferably in the morning:


·         Lung: Poplar (杨树)

·         Liver: Pine (松树)

·         Kidneys: Cyprus (柏树)

·         Heart: Indus (梧桐)

·         Spleen: Willow (柳树)


Now the person must stand in front of the tree touching the tree trunk with both palms.


With some practise the person should feel a flow of energy entering his/her body through the palms and then out of the body from the palm. Let it be until the energy flow stopped. This may take 10 to 45 minutes depending to the condition of the organ. Don’t forget to give thanks for the tree before leaving the place.


If there are more organs to balance, then come another day to other trees. Please don’t perform this exercise repeatedly to the same tree or the tree may die because it takes time for the tree to purify the negative energies.

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