Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Encounters With Ghostly Fire Ball (鬼火情缘)

My grandparents were rubber tappers who for the most of the time stayed in a rubber plantation near the Kuala Kangsar railway station. My pa too was tapping rubbers when he was young. Rubber tapers normally start working at around 5a.m. So they need to wake up at around 4am or earlier. For few occasions during school holidays, I did follow my late pa to tap rubbers too. Sometimes I go alone when my pa was busy with other works.


For a few times at the same location, I would see a strange fire ball and at times three moving from tree tops to the roots, plying up and down and then vanished into thin air. After I told my grandma my encounters, she set up a Datuk shrine at the location where I saw fire balls and I have not see any reoccurrences since.


I can still remember that once during durian season, my brother and I borrowed grandpa’s old motorbike to go to the edge of virgin jungle at the midst of the night to collect durians.


When we arrived at the destination, we saw someone has left a pile of nice big durians with a machete lying beside. It was quite strange to say the least if anyone would be so clumsy to leave those things behind as that would mean wasting a hard night’s work for nothing.


So without hesitation we bagged the durians and took the machete and call it a day effortlessly.  However, in the afternoon when we were enjoying the durians; news came to us: Our Indian neighbour, Muthu has gone sick after returning from his durian collection trip last night. The news has it that Muthu has seen some fire balls lingering on top his head and due to extreme fear that he flee the place leaving all his harvest and even his beloved machete! I have kept the secret for many years until now.


I seldom see these bizarre fire balls now days. Some people also call them ghostly fire balls (鬼火) which are quite different from orbs. Ghostly fire balls normally appear in the form of flames such as that of a candle flame while orbs are normally round. Have you ever seen any ghostly fire balls?

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