Thursday, May 29, 2014

Technique Of Capturing (擒拿手)

No… They’re not dancing. The above figure illustrates technique of locking and breaking opponent’s spinal cord. Please don’t try this with your friends as it is lethal.
To me, there is only one type of self-defense technique: the method of bringing down our opponent in the shortest possible time and effort. Call it by any other names if you may: kung fu, boxing, silat, taekwando, karate etc.


I think at present, the most practical martial art is boxing…


Try to imagine the below scenario:


You are in your casual suits with a pair of tight jeans out for a walk and someone is confronting you. What would you do?


If the person brings a weapon, run…


If there is no way to run, then you must be prepared to defense yourself.


The fact is: with today’s attire, there is very little chance to do fly kicks or any other kicking techniques as we can see from Jacky Chan’s movies. What is left is your pair of hands.


Count yourself lucky if you have a pair of strong fists at least with a strong blow, you will knock the assailant out cold.


But what happened if the opponent is too close for a punch, then we will need the ‘capturing technique’. If we know human anatomy pretty well, then we know where the weak points in our body are and use these weaknesses to our advantage.


Let me ask you another question:


What is best distance to capture and break a person’s neck?


The answer is only an inch or so… Believe it or not?


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  1. This for anyone who not martial expert!

    When facing a very dangerous life and death situation,
    where a blow to the enemy, in a split second window,
    will dictate whether u out of bodily injury.
    The only bodily part where u can inflicted greatest injury,
    without causing death to the enemy, is....the eyes!

    Since the enemy has no mercy, and try to kill u,
    u must have the killer instinct, without mercy,
    immediately action to inflicted numbing injury to him.

    let say a man with a 6inches knife try to stab u...
    1]Grab anything that can defend you from his knife.

    a[ A chair,
    b] overturn a table and take the table, between u and him.
    c] a bottle. a fork, even a chopstick!
    d] a bag, a belt, a metal plate..anything hard that can take the knife...even a book.
    e] Car key, house key, anything hard and sharp...
    even a small broken brick, plate, anything hard
    that can cause injury to the eyes.

    Then, AIM for the EYES!!!
    I repeat, AIM for the EYE!!
    Aim anything to the EYES,
    Even chilli sauce, ketchup, hot sauce,
    hot coffee, even plain the eyes!

    When anything hit the eyes, that person will berserk..
    . for a few second as he can not see properly.
    THAT THE SPLIT SECOND to knock him out,
    with a blow to his head with a punch, kick,
    or with anything hard, like bottle, fire extinguisher,
    anything hard...that can knock him out..immediately.
    or go for the groin!

    Always aim for the eyes, then RUN for your life!