Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Ultimate Good Luck Ritual

Many people come to me wanting to change their not so good luck to super good luck.


Many of these folks have practised some form of Thai, Taoist, Hikmah or even tantric rituals for years.


But why those people haven’t been able to change their lucks even with dozens of Phra Ngan statues, endless Kumanthongs and even with the more powerful baby fetus in their altars?


Well, time and again that I have pointed out that Asian people were once ancestor worshippers; and most of the Indochinese traditions still put ancestor worships as the first ritual at the beginning of the day.


In the traditional practice of Javanese Asma Sungai Rajah (ASR) on the other hand, one must obtain the blessing of his/her mother and this is done by kissing the mother’s feet. The ASR will not work without the mother’s consent no matter how many counts of recitation one do.


Similarly in Thai magic, the parents’ blessing couple with the blessing of one’s ancestors, his/her gurus, spirits, devatas and the Buddha will empower any rituals to be effective. Amongst all of the rituals, one ritual that will definitely change our luck is to wash our mothers’ feet. I supposed, it will work too if we wash our dad’s feet too.


I did not make up this ritual. This ritual was taught to me when I return from Vietnam and reroute to Chiang Mai, Thailand to visit my long time no meet brother in dharma, Mr. Suracai.


Suracai fetch me at the airport and after dinner, he brought me to see a senior monk who stayed in a small temple just outskirt of Chiang Mai. The temple also houses about 40 lonely senior citizens. When we arrived at the place, the old monk was washing an old granny’s feet. So, we waited patiently outside for the monk to complete his task. According to Suracai, the monk was once a powerful arjan when he was young. But now he rather spends time in teaching dharma and serving the person in need.


After a while, the old monk came out to greet us and we returned the salutation.


Before, I could open my mouth; the monk stared at my face for a while and said:


“You have learnt some Thai magic but your power is not doing you any good. You must create more merit in order to receive your ancestral blessings.”


I startled for a while and replied:


“Please guide me to the proper way.”


The monk just smiled and said simply:


“Just wash your mother’s feet as often as you can.”


I returned the smile and replied:


“Certainly I would.”


Before I returned to Penang, the monk suddenly said to me:


“I know you will return to this place.”


After I returned home, I tried the ritual and my luck is changing as if the clearing of rainy cloud.


I thought the method to a few people, and my friend Mr. Tan said his business suddenly improved. So I publish the method and hopefully everyone benefits from washing his/her parents’ feet.


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  1. records from books of Islam says that...... cling to your mother's feet, because paradise is there.