Thursday, May 15, 2014

Men In Black (黑衣使者)

The “men in black” here doesn’t refer to the movie “men in black”.


I don’t know of the origin of these men in black but they seem to lead the soul of a dying person to somewhere. I have personally dreamed of a man in black led me to a garden full of pink flowers.


My late dad did tell me about a dream a couple of months before he passed away. In the dream, a man in black brought him out of our house and walked nonstop until they reached a small one trunk wooden bridge (独木桥). Since the bridge was too narrow for two persons, the man in black walked first. As soon as he passed the bridge, the wooden bridge suddenly broke into two and collapsed into the river. My late dad couldn’t cross the river; hence he returned home and subsequently told his story.


Another story was told by a blog reader, know as QQ. According to QQ her father was in comma and hospitalized for a week or so. The doctor told QQ that her dad was in critical stage and asked her to be mentally prepared.


Since QQ is working, she and her sibling to take turn to take care of the old dad. One day QQ brought her 5 year old daughter; the little Nancy to visit her grandpa. It was around 10am or so and QQ and Nancy were in front of the sickbed. All of a sudden, little Nancy started to yell: “Stop it! Don’t drag my grandpa away!”


As Nancy was yelling, she hastened to the other corner of the sickbed and perform a seemingly tug of war action with ‘something’. Everyone was startled by the little girl’s action and before QQ managed to catch hold of little Nancy, the commotion ended.


Before QQ opened her mouth to scold Nancy, the little girl turned her head and told her mom in a naïve manner: “Two naughty men in black wanted to drag grandpa away but I have chased them away!”


Everyone thought it was the little girl’s vivid imagination and soon forgot about the incident. A few days later, QQ’s father who was unconscious shown signs of recovery. And another week later, he was fully conscious and being discharged. Even the doctor was surprised of the old man’s amazing recovery.


When Nancy went to fetch her father, her father told her a strange dream:


“I could see myself lying in bed on that day you and Nancy came to see me. There were two men in black appearing from nowhere dragging me away from the bed. All of a sudden little Nancy pulled my left hand and started to make noise. After some resistance the men gave up and went to the uncle lying in the adjacent bed.


The nurse told me the first thing when I awoke from my comma that the uncle died on the day Nancy created commotion in the sick ward.”


QQ said that maybe young children have sixth sense to see the men in black; and we just guessed that the men are messengers from hell. What say you?

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