Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Dream Magic Of Keris Pusaka (梦中杀敌术)

The below spell came with this keris pusaka.
‘Keris pusaka’ is a term used to describe heirloom keris and that keris is a type of short dagger or sword once used as a weapon. There are many keris collectors around the world especially in Indonesia, Malaysia, Netherlands etc.


Below magic rite was described to me when I took over a very special Javanese keris from my friend’s stepmother some time ago. I have not personally tried this ritual but I think it is applicable to other similar objects such as a ritual knife, a parang or a sword made of iron.


First and foremost, this magic is a little eerie but I supposed the purpose of it is to reduce mental stress caused by someone wanting to seek revenge due to unjust done on him or her; but due to the prohibition of secular law or physical inability.


Now, the method:


Anyone who wanted to try this spell must first get hold of a keris pusaka or anything along the line. After that, he/she must get a piece of his/her opponent’s photo and write the person’s name and date of birth. If a photo is unavailable, then it is possible to draw the target’s figure on a piece of yellow paper.


After the personal particular is written, then the photo/paper should be attached onto a wall in the bedroom and the weapon should be put right under the photo/paper at midnight.


When the setup is ready, stand in front of the picture; burn some benzoic incense if you like. Say something like:


“To you my enemy, so-and-so; tonight I send you my keris pusaka to seek my revenge! The truth is on my side, my magic is true and my curse is severe! In the name of God, so mote it be!”


After reciting the incantation a few rounds detach the photo/paper and attach it on to the area where you want the keris to harm. Go to sleep and you will be dreaming of tracking your enemy, subsequently catch hold of him/her, and stab the person to death. The success indicator of this spell is that the spell caster will be awakening by his or her own laughter as if in tremendous joy.


The above spell might sound cruel and that it may be just a dream; I wouldn’t want to encourage it. What difference would it make if it doesn’t work? Even if the spell did work, then it will be very bad karma and the debt will need to be repaid in coming years though not in the court of law.


Know the magic as it is part of our Nusantara heritage and that’s all to my intention of publishing this spell for your reading pleasure.


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