Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Color and Feng Shui

The aura of a house is a very abstract matter, and subject to arguments. A color however, can be observed with naked eyes.

Color can affect a person emotionally. It warrants one to choose a color carefully; bearing in mind that different culture has different definition for colors. Below list is just for a reference:

Red is a color of enthusiasm, love, anger and warmth.

Violet is a color of calmness and tranquility.

Black is a color of silent, mystic, terror.

Yellow is a color of joy and frankness.

Blue is a color of passive, sadness.

Green on the other hand, signifies peace and growth.

White color is a color of pure and cleanliness.

In Feng Shui’s perspective, the application of colors either internal or external of a building should be moderate. Such as use pink instead of deep red; the trick is to get a feel of warmness and not hotness.

I have seen some of the mistakes that my customers made:

• Mr. A painted his bedroom with deep purple; he has his computer set-up next to his bed. The character of deep violet is almost equivalent to red, hence the fire element, the computer also equates to fire when on. What we have now is fire on top of fire; all those has constituted to his bad eye sight, headache and difficult to sleep.

• The color of deep red is also not suitable to be painted on main door, as this will cause the dweller to have very bad health, or even fire outbreak.

• Those familiar with Flying Star Feng Shui will know that if a room is painted brown, yellow or black; when the Star 2 and Star 5 drops into the room, the dweller has the high potential to suffer from every ill health. In some cases, may cause cancer.

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