Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The 12 Earthly Branches (十二地支)

The Twelve Earthly Branches are used to describe the operation cycle of the moon. This is a frequently used method in Taoist magic ritual.

1.      “Zhi”  is the meaning of propagation, refers to things propagate and growing.

2.      “Chou” meaning, following and a series of long growth.

3.      “Yin” meaning the shift and moving, referring to things buddingt, cited born out of the ground.

4.      “Mao” meaning plants coming out from the land.

5.      “Chen” means shock, things grow with vibration.

6.      “Si” means the growth of plants are completed.

7.      “Wu” means the plants are grown with heavy foliage.

8.      “Wei” means the growth of plants are in a stagnant stage.

9.      “Shen” means basically all the plants are already formed.

10.  “You” means the aging process.

11.  “Xu” means destructions, and things are rotten off.

12.  “Hai” means everything going into hibernation.

Thus, the twelve Earthly Branches, the moon's waxing and waning related to repeating the cycle of the moon the same direct impact on everything.


1.      子是孳的意思,是指万物孳萌既动之阳气下。

2.      丑是纽、系的意思,继萌而系长。

3.      寅(读银yin)是移、动的意思,指物芽稍吐,引而生之,移出于地。

4.      卯是冒的意思,指万物冒地而出。

5.      辰是震的意思,物经震动而长。

6.      巳(读寺si)是起,巳的意思,指万物到此已经毕尽而出了。

7.      午是仵的意思,指万物盛大枝柯密布。

8.      末是昧的意思,指阴气已长,万物稍衰,体暧昧。

9.      申是申的意思,指万物的身体都已完成。

10.  酉是老的意思,指万物老极而成熟。

11.  戍(shu数)是灭的意思,指万物皆衰灭。

12.  亥是核的意思,指万物收藏而坚核。


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