Saturday, May 26, 2012

An Open Message From Riad

Below is a message that I pass on to persons who wanted to take magic as their path. Something for us to ponder about...

Hi Liew,

I have tried some al himaa stuff from indonesian roots,but being sure of their effectiveness is a rare possibility.

the islamic occult sciences boast a lot of power and I being a muslim can confirm the pride some muslims take in the power of the saints they belive or follow.

however manifestation seems to be a far cry from reality. one may feel a bit lifted after chanting the shalawat or the great ayatul kursi verse that is so popular but

getting help that strikes like a lightning perhaps requires a saint like sunan Muriya or sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani.

And one more thing I have come to know from practising amels (adepts) is that people who have black magic,jinss, dark evil spirits attached to them or people in the same house

will find great obstacles in successful chanting. It has also been advised that before starting any such chanting/rituals one must check if any such entities are with him/her and get rid of them.

i myself have suffered endlessly from such things and still going through a lot................ god bless !!!!

these things destroy your aura and drain all your energies and you start to doubt God and all good sources of divine help. you take one step forwards and two steps backwards.

right now at this moment as I am writing I am being paralysed and this has been going on for years destroying all my success and life in general.

all rituals have been disrupted by this dark aura and spirits.

I know people throw pranks and say all sorts of things but if you are ever under the influence of this black magic and the magician is a powerful one then all your efforts can slip away and be ruined

u wont even know .................unless some saint or adept points it out to you. even powerful adepts are not safe from these satanic forces.

I hope I have been able to convey a message I felt was very important to pass on.




  1. I have had some experience of this kind and am still experiencing it, if you have a direct email so i can describe more.

    1. Hi ramzan,

      pls send your description to Thanks for your sharing, pls allow me to publish your experience in the blog.