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Learning The Science Of Leak

To learn the science of Leak, there must be physical preparedness and mental. Science of Leak can be studied by all people and should have been over 15 years and above, or have menek bajang / truna.

Get started learning ngeleak;

·         They need Parent approval, especially from mother and very good if you sungkem (collapsible) and put the mother foot on your head.

·         Get the Bless in Sanggah Kemulan Temple (Rong Tiga), ask the blessing of your ancestor.

·         Get The Bless at Pura Dalem Temple, could also at Temple Rajapati / Ulun Setra.

·         Preparation from Guru Nabe:

o   There are certain requirements that need to be prepared by students at the beginning of learning the ritual.

Learning Leak Selem (Black Leak):
The grand master of Leak Selem is Durga. This puts the person learning this kind of science must bow to Durga as a source of his or her wishes and blessing centre.

The Initiation Ritual

1.    Choose an auspicious day; Kelion, Kajeng Klion.

2.    The ritual must be held at night, normally in the vicinity of graveyard.

3.    Prepare a Sanggah Cucuk (made from bamboo).

4.    Prepare below offerings:

·         Sanggah cucuk

·         Daksina 1 pieces

·         Offering money INR17000

·         Ketupat 12 pieces

·         Liquor and brem

·         Black glutinous rice

·         Canang 11 pieces

·          Canang tubungan, fragrant burat, fragrant lenga, nyanyah (fried without oil) gagringsingan, geti-getih (blood), and biu mas (small banana used in making canang)

5.    On that good day they will be doing the opening procession of a kind "initiation" in the cemetery.

6.     Ngerasukan (Filling with the magic) with Nengkleng (standing on one leg) in the front of sanggah cucuk and saying mantra below:

a.    “Om Ra Nini Batari Bagawati, turun ka Bali; ana wang mangkana; aminta kasih ring Paduka Batari, sira nunas turun ka mrecapada. Ana wang mangkana anunas kasaktian, manusa kabeh ring Bagawati, Sang Hyang Guru turun ka mrecapada. Ana wang manusa angawe Batara kabeh, turun ka Bali Sang Hyang Bagawati. Ana buta wilis, buta abang, ana buta jenar, ana buta ireng, ana buta amanca warna, mawak I Kalika, ya kautus antuk Batari Bagawati, teka welas asih ring awak sarinankune, pakulun Paduka Bagawati. Om Mam Am Om Mam, ana Paduka Batara Guru, teka welas asih, Bagawati manggih ring gedong kunci manik, teka welas asih ring awak sarinanku”.

7.    Fore your hair on the front of your face and then go around the sanggah cucuk 3 times.

8.    At the moment when you dancing around the sanggah cucuk switch foot position left and right with saying the mantra wish a bless of power from Hyang Nini Betari Bagawati or Ida Betari Durga Dewi or as taught by your master:

9.    After that ritual and then the next things its start the education from Guru Nabe.

10. Now the new initiate must learn to keep secret of this initiation. It is said that if he or she can keep this secret, then after the 100th reincarnations; this person will achieve the happiness and highest achievement. And upon dying, this person will return to meet Brahmaloka, Wisnuloka and Iswaraloka. If the secret is leaked out, then this person after 1000th reincarnations; this person will meet with contemptible, hell, fault finding by the society, and will surely sink into the hell of Si Tambra Goh Muka.

Learning Leak Sari

The person who practise this kind of Leak believes that the source of sciences is from God Brahma.

·         The way of learning Leak Sari is different from Leak Selem, but is not much different in preparations.

·         Good day to learn Leak Sari Pinanggal Pisan or the first day before the full moon.

·         Offering more emphasis on red color such as penek barak, the meat of Siap biing and others.

·         The procession carried on 4 Junction road (you can see all 4 main wind direction).

·         Offerings placed on the front line and corrected the student facing the north as the seat of God Brahma.

·         Ngerasukan can be done in midnight with saying mantra prayers to God Brahma wishes his blessings..

Stages of Learning Pengeleakan (Curriculum)

1. The introduction stage;
- Starting from the initiation from Guru Nabe.
- Introduction to Science of Leak
- mental readiness of the students.

2. Basic stages.
- Kanda Pat; ngerasukan kanda pat ring angga sarira (Inject the Kanda Pat into Your Soul)
- Ten character; ngeracah Ten Character,Inject Ten characters into your soul.
- Respiratory / Control your Breath. (Dasa bayu)
- gathering power of magic.
- Kundalini-sakti,
- Muter Bhuana.
- Mudra

3. Ngelekas, / Ngerogo soul (Shape Shifting).
- meditations,
- Climb to other Dimension
- tetengger,
- ngerogo sukmo
- Change form (Shape Shifting) ..

·          Ngereh Leak

The ngereh leak ritual must be carried out at an isolated place not disturbed by general public. It is best done in the cemetery area, end of roads, in the middle of padi field or even in your own house. The power that dominates ngereh sorcery will scare decent people. This type of ilmu is known as “Ilmu Pengreres”. Generally if people wander into the power range of ilmu pengreres, they will feel scare automatically and cancel the intention to proceed.

·         Ngerehin / Ngerehang Petapakan Ida Bethara

Ida Betara Rangda is believed to possess the power to chase away epidemic and the unseen dangers. In order that the Ida Betara Rangda functions properly, the magical wood such as kayu pule, kapuh (rangdu), jaran, kapas, waruh teluh or kepah can be used. The sacralisation processes are Pasupati, Ngatep, Mintonin and Ngerehang.

·         Pasupati: means the power from Siva

·         Ngatep: means to meet

·         Mintonin: self (in ancient Javanese language)

·         Ngereh: to concentrate by mantra recitation

There are a few palm leaf (Lontar) manuscripts describing the process of ngereh. Amongst others are the Lontar Pengerehan, Lontar Canting mas and Sewer Mas Widi Sastra and Ganapati Tattwa (It must be remembered that Ganesha is the ruler of all unseen elements including spirits.)

4. Advance Practices
- Seminars
- increase the level
- Retreat

The essence of the teachings of Leak Science is:

·         Dasa Aksara (Ten Characters) Most Important its Panca GNI (Five Characters).

·         Ngerasukan or turn 5 lement of fire inside the body.

·         Agni Petak in the heart flow that power through sumsumna to the crown, Agni bang in the heart to the mouth, Agni Kuning from kidney to his ear, Agni Cemeng in bile into the nose and Agni Nila in the heart to the hair ...

The process to activate This Panca Gni is called GNI Murub that comes out as a glare (fire).

Note: Info gathered from multiple web sources.


  1. I heard ilmu Leak is the same as ilmu penanggal because both of them (if mastered) can cause the practitioner head to split and float :O

    1. Let's see if we can catch one with d following ritual.. :D

  2. Aren't leaks evil spirits? they sort of remind me of the aswang from my countryside.

    Filipino here.

    1. Since that leak knowledges is in the category of black magic i guess it does used the help of evil spirits and become the evil spirits itself :P I believe penanggal is the same as aswang or manananggal, but the diff is manananggal can only split her half body and fly but penanggal only split her head