Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rewards From Kanjeng Nyai Lawu

There is a beautiful Lake Sarangan located in the mountains of Lawu, Magetan and Jatim, Java East. Besides a famous tourist spot, Lake Sarangan is also well known by the locals to possess mystic magic powers.

It is said this lake is watch over by Kanjeng Nyai Lawu, who is a student of Kanjeng Ratu Roro Kidul. Many of the local black magicians worship Kanjeng Nyai Lawu in the hope to gain supernatural power.

In order to gain the favour of Kanjeng Nyai Lawu, a magician must perform the evocation ritual at night to call upon Kanjeng Nyai who is believed to dwell in her palace situated right at the bottom of the Lake Sarangan. Before the ritual, offering stuffs such as fruits and meats are prepared. Then when the time is right, mantra sounds like this will be recited: “Kanjeng Nyai Lawu, all my wealth I gathered here is your wealth. I now worship you as my god, my queen. As long as you give me magical power, I will continue to bow to you and continue to make offerings to you.”

If the evocation ritual is successful, Kanjeng Nyai will come and meet the magician. This Kanjeng Kyai will “vomit” all her stomach content in front of the magician. The magician must swallow everything intact in order to gain terrible supernatural power. With this power, a magician can make a victim to suffer from ulcer and skin diseases that are extremely difficult to cure. The magician will experience extreme success by curing his victims and earns great wealth.

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