Sunday, May 13, 2012

To catch a Leak (Or Deva Kim)

I am not saying that you will, but if you did offended a leak; or if you want to help your pal, then below are two Balinese ritual for tackling a leak (or Deva Kim as the matter of fact …
The Leak (Or Deva Kim) Buster
1.    You must clean yourself prior to this ritual.
2.    Sit cross-leg and recite:
a.    “Om prasada stiti siwa suci nirmala ya namah swaha”
3.    Recite the mantra for pranayama:
a.    The first breath: “Om ang namah”
b.    The second breath: “Om ung namah”
c.    The third breath: “Om mang namah”
4.    Mantra for cleaning your hands:
a.    Right hand: “Om sudhamam swaha”
b.    Left hand: “Om ati sudhamam swaha”
5.    Mantra fo dupa (incense):
a.    “Om Ang brahma dupa dipa astra ya namah swaha”

6.    Mantra for flower:

a.    “Om puspadanta ya namah swaha”
7.    Then do the five worshiped as usual to ask for blessings and salvation to Ida Hyang Widhi Wasa and the ancestors.
8.    After the prayer, take the incense (recite the mantra for incense) and flower (recite the mantra for flower). The incense should be in your left hand and the flower in your right hand. Hold the incense and flower in front of your chest. Recite the below mantra:
a.    “Ong amunerat Sang Hyang Akasa, apan aku Sang Hyang Jagatnata, mamentang rua pustaka, sakti mawisesa, ningambara ring sor sapta petala, memanah wateke betara putusi leyak, sakti mawisesa, dan panahku, pejah geseng gempung telas, dadi awu, guna leyake badane, sakti mawisesa, sakuhing agunging tumpang, mewasta tumpang satak seket patpat, muang padmasana, sakti mawisesa, angadeg mamurti sawi den panahku pejah geseng rimpung asat, telas dadi awu, yeke guna pengaliante, guna gempilan sesapehan tani pejah, guna temon pengawakan, den panahku, pejah geseng dadi awu lah poma-poma-poma, serana sakewenang, sama kapuji-sakti.”
9.    Place the incense (recite mantra for incense) and flower in front of you gently (please do not throw them out as only those has been “medwijati/sulinggih” are qualified to do so).
10. Perform meditation while waiting for the leak to attack you. This is not a physical war but a spiritual warfare where your soul is to fight the leak in spiritual realm.
There is another method:
Do as the above ritual, but this time, you need to use a physical media. Anything will do as long as it is clean. Say that you choose a broom. Now you must empower the broom with the below mantra:
“Angkara Mangkara, Ong” (3x)
After that, place the broom on the road normally used by the person who has mastered the Leak ritual.
If your ritual is fruitful, you will see a person standing by and staring at the broom. Then it is 100% confirmed that this person possessed the ilmu leak.
I am not responsible to anything that may happen when you perform the ritual of catching the leak during or thereafter. Moreover, it is to make a fool out of a person staring at the broom wetted by morning dew. This person must feel very shameful and will definitely seek revenge on you. So be careful what you do and think twice before performing the above ritual ;-). Hahaha


  1. Is Leak a demi-deity? Because i've read about when the science is mastered all deities and leak merah, leak putih will bow to him even dog will stop barking, try googling "Aji Pangleyakan Sanghyang Sarasija Maya" there's a complete ritual to shapeshift into penanggalan or leak :P

    1. Thanks for d info. I'll post it after studying d ritual :))

      I was told dat there are 7 levels of leak, coincide to the 7 chakras. Eventhough the low level leak is black magic, but the at the highest level, leak is good once more. So you can say leak is really a demi-deity with its own right.