Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Snake Magic From Bali

Snake magic is known as “guna kama lelipi”. There are many versions of this type of magic. There are the types that use the mating fluid from snakes, the sliver of snake and some even up to the extent of using the mating body of the snake pair. This type of magic is normally used for treating love affairs. But it may be used for gambling purposes as well. Well, the story goes that when you came across snake mating; cover the mating snakes with a piece of cloth. The snakes’ mating fluid will surely stick onto the cloth. Bring the piece of cloth along for gambling and it is said that the chances of winning is great. But remember not to wash the cloth, otherwise the power will fade once the fluid is gone.

One of the magic that uses snake is called “Guna Piwelas Jaring Sutra”

The mantra:

“Om Kaki Ula Bhumi,

Aku Angamet Atmane si anu (name of the person)

Tuminggalin Awak Sariranku,

Teka Poma (3x)

Kadep Sidhi Mandhi Mantramku”


1.      If you want to use the snake magic, recite the mantra 3 times. Blow a breath onto your right palm and rub on your target’s shoulder.

2.      If you are using the snake skin, then burn the snake skin into ashes, recite the mantra and rub the ash to your target.

3.      For bad purposes: it is used to “tame” opposite sex, as if love magic.

4.      For good purposes: it is used to harmonize relationships within a family.

Final note: I am not responsible on to whatever consequences arise if any of the people tempts the ritual. The risk is yours. This ritual is nevertheless not good to find an ideal partner as it will bring very bad side effects onto the next generations to come. So be warned.

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