Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Crown Jewel Of Nature

This is an advance ritual originally taught by Habib Nur Palmer from Singapore.

Terms and conditions:

1.      You must have a pure mind.

2.      You must work hard and sincere in learning.

3.      Believe in God.

4.      Forbid to pray for impossible things.

5.      Facing the direction of kiblat.

Basis of empowerment:

"And remember Allah took a covenant from those who have given it, be it known and clear (knowledge) to each other and do not hide it" (QS: Ali Imron 187)

Method of ritual:

First perform tawasul to:

–Illa hadroti Al Faatihah to Syekh Abdul Qodir Jaelani (1x)

–Illa hadroti Al Faatihah to all teachears (1x)

–Illa hadroti Al Faatihah to all saints in Jawa (1x)

–Illa hadroti Al Faatihah to all muslimin and muslimat (1x)

–Illa hadroti Al Faatihah to malaikat mughorobin (1x)

–Illa hadroti Al Faatihah to your parents (1x)

–Illa hadroti Al Faatihah to your intention of practice (1x)

This ritual must be performed at night from 2230hrs to 0200hrs for 7 days consecutively, if interrupted; you must start everything all over.

Main practice:

1.      Recite Surat Al Faatihah, (3x)

2.      Recite Surat Al Issra ayat 81:

a.       “waqul jaa al haqqu wadzahaqolbaathil, innalbaathila kaanadzahuuqoo” 3x.

3.      Subhanallahi wal hamdulillah, walaa illa ha illallah wa allahu akbar, (3x)

4.      Hasbunalloh wanimal wakil ni’mal maula wani’mal nasir (3x)

5.      Surat Al Ikhlas (3x)

6.      Recite below prayer:

a.       “O God, make our limbs busy day or night, anytime and anywhere. We will always remember you. Oh God, grant us happiness, O God, grant us good luck, O God, and grant us safety and constancy of faith. O God, infuse the power of Aji Mahkota Alam into the flesh and blood, soul and body of thy servant, and open me to the supernatural power. Kun you said to me, fayakun happened to me. Amin ya robbal 'alamin”

7.      a’uu dzubillaa himinasysyaithoo nirrojiim (Ta’awudz) (7x)

8.      Bismillaahirrohmaanirrohiim (Basmallah) (7x)

9.      Asyhaduallaa illahaillaullooh, wa asyhaduanna muhammadarrosuululloh (Syahadat) (7x)

10.  Asthoghfirulloohal’adziim (Istighfar), (101x)

11.  Shollalohu alla Muhammad (Sholawat), (101x)

12.  Lahaula walaa quwata illa bila hil ‘aliyil’adziim, (101x)

13.  Laa illaaha illaulooh (Tahlil), (101x)

14.  Ya Alloh Ya Qodim, (101x)

15.  “Robbanaa laatuziq quluubanaa ba’da idz hadaitana, wahab lanaa miladunka rohmatan innakaa anta wahaab”. (3x)

16.  Amiin yarobbal alamiin. (1x)

Recite activating keys for application:

1.a’uu dzubillaa himinasysyaithoo nirrojiim (1x)

2.Bismillaahirrohmaanirrohiim (1x)

3.Asyhaduallaa illahaillaullooh, wa asyhaduanna muhammadarrosuululloh (1x)

4.Asthogfirulloohal’adziim (3x)

5.Shollalohu alla Muhammad (3x)

6.Laa illa ha illaulooh (3x)

7.Recite prayer “O God, I request … “

8.Lahaula walaa quwata illa bila hil ‘aliyil’adziim, (3x)

The characteristics of the entry of Aji Mahkota Alam:

 -Be more calm and courage.

 -The face is more radiant

 -Not easily tired

 -The body feels warm or cold

 -Seeing shadows unseen, sometimes heard voices far unseen.

Sometimes the power reacts automatically. Such as:

 - People who hate you becomes like you

 - More authoritative

-  Immune-sharp weapon and blow (safety)

-  The mind's eye is more sensitive-

- Many people will be closer, making it easier in every way.

- Given the ease of-way for everything.

- Neutralizing the negative air-automatically.

 Well, if God is willing, you may acquire supernatural whisper clues to solve the problem yourself or others.


  1. Hi Liewsp1, I would like to know if you render attunement services. I love that aspect of SEA magic, unfornetly you hardly say anythng about it. I have come across many websites charging exobitently for that services. Even if you don't, atleast an idea where to find a teacher would be highly appreciated. Thanks for the good work. I really love your blog.

    1. Hi Bash, Glad you like my postings. I do give out general attunement for the interested but with a donation. Sorry that attunement is not free ... It is a law passed down by my teachers that no teaching is free and also to fund my data collection and research. Thanks again.

  2. Hi liewsp1, i really love your blog keep it up! Well i have started on this ilmu now on 3rd day, is there anything more i should know about this ilmu? I'm willing to pay a small sum for your effort here bro, kindly contact me thro stranspeed@gmail.com

    1. Hi nas, good to hear that. The only important thing is practise and don't wish for any supernatural powers; then you will have the power if God is willing. Please don't forget to tell everyone your experience of this ilmu :)

  3. hi there, love ur postings and ''GRAND SALUTE TO UR KNOWLEDGE'', and im soon gona start the above ritual, just wanted to know if i Should Do it at same time for 7 days, i mean if on the first day i started at 12:00am shud i keep the same time for the next 6 days??? reply ASAP.

    1. hi, thanks. Yes, you should keep with the same timing i.e. at 12:00am throughout your ritual. Good luck trying :)