Monday, March 31, 2014

Feng Shui Is No Magic (魔术风水?)

Before anyone go and spend a hefty sum of money on Feng Shui gadgets, I must reiterate that Feng Shui is no magic. There are many seemingly true but false Feng Shui remedies being thrown out by unscrupulous folks just to fish out money from the unwary. For example, my pal Mr. Ooi spent MYR20K to purchase a boulder to be located at the back of his house as the Feng Shui master said Ooi’s house hasn’t the backing of a mountain (靠山).


Needless to say, this is indeed ridiculous if a boulder can take the place of an actual mountain range. If it is true, then we can perhaps throw all Feng Shui theories out of the window. There was no need then for the previous masters to risk their lives and spent years tracking mountain ranges in deep jungles just to seek for a good dragon knot (正龙结).


There is a term in Feng Shui called "attached onto small land" (勾撘小地) that means although the piece of land contains waters and hills; its chi still considered as 'thin' (气势单薄). Likewise if a boulder is used in lieu of a mountain and it is located too near a house, then not only the chi is insufficient, it will create troubles when the "yellow five" (五黄煞) and "three killings" (三煞) stars arrived at the location.


Similarly, small islands or group of islands also falls into the small land category and that it would be extremely difficult to make a reasonable living on small islands. Nothing can change this fact, unfortunately. If you still don't believe me, open up a map of the world and look at places with plenty of small islands and you will agree with what I have just said.

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