Sunday, September 20, 2015

A Joke From Coffee Shop (一则听来的笑话)

I was having my morning coffee in a coffee shop downstairs and inadvertently overheard conversation from a couple. Not that I want to pay attention to their conversations, but their conversation was too loud for me to ignore; further I was sitting just beside them. This nothing to do with magic, but I think it is interesting to share here:

Wife: “I want divorce; I want custody of my children!”

Husband: “You don’t have the right!”

Wife: “Well, all of the children came out from my worm!”

Husband: “Hmm… You withdraw money from Automatic-Teller Machine (ATM) but you never say the money belongs to the ATM!?”

Wife: “…”

Of course, I don’t think the couple meant to divorce. If I am correct, the wife would normally have the custody of children; or they would not have talked the matter out loud. Nevertheless, who do you think has the best argument?

On the other hand, if you are visiting Malaysia and have the time, why not just go to a coffee shop beside any morning markets and have a sip of coffee. In this way, you would enjoy many funny stories too!

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