Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Traditional Indirect Physical Healing (头痛医脚)

If you are the type of person who ‘better die than sick’ or in Chinese ‘可以死,不可病’; then you probably would be interested in traditional indirect physical healing that I always use to tackle some of my nagging pains unless you have plenty money to spare to pay the medical bills of course.

For example I have this minor migraine at the top left corner of my head that has troubled me for years until one day I ‘accidentally’ found a cure to my long suffering pain.

A few weeks back I got a job that needed to be completed within a fairly short time. So I had to burn my midnight oil to see to the work is done. Consequently my migraine aggravated in addition to my tooth being sore too.

I did have the thought of visiting a dentist and a doctor for my nagging problems. Somehow I got the urge of praying to my Kurba Archan to seek for guidance one night. So the story goes that as I was praying, suddenly I got the urge of picking up my ‘tongkat’ (ritual wand) and gently strike at my left temple and top of my head. The exercise lasted for about 20 minutes. Though each stroke caused acute pain, the feeling was somehow comfortable and refreshing.

I went to bed immediately after that thinking of visiting the good doc first thing in the morning. Strange feeling did occur when I woke up. My left side of the face felt numb and the toothache has subsided. So, I decided to delay my visit and repeatedly using my wand to strike at my left temple and head and miraculously my toothache was gone in a few days’ time! Perhaps that has saved me hundreds of dollars and a tooth come and think of that.

Now that my toothache is gone, I still have to deal with migraine. Although the knocking on the head continues to relieve my migraine but something told me that it was not enough. So, I prayed to Kurba Archan again and suddenly I got an urge to massage my left sole and again I found a very thick tendon that hurts when I massaged it. Somehow my instinct told me to massage the tendon repeatedly and though it was painful, I felt vigour and a sense of relief.

My migraine still gives me problems now and then, but with massaging of head and foot, the discomfort can be brought into control without any medications. I don’t know what would happen if I indeed visited doctors but I would not want to speculate. Probably you have figured out the medical bills! Again, the above method may not be suitable for everyone. So, please keep your money ready for the good docs!


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