Sunday, September 27, 2015

Make And Break With Stove (火炉的魔法)

The yant for stove magic which must be empowered with:
1. Om Put Ta Yak Namah
2. Jantang Santang Iti Singkaray Arkson Kar Jantang

Perhaps this form of Thai magic is suitable for housewives or cooks as they would be around the kitchen and stoves daily. So, husbands, beware of your wives!

To call back the heart of a run away husband, or if a husband has an affair; then the below make up magic is good:

First, one must get a piece of Acacia Confusa (相思树) tree leaf and draw the above yant. After that put the yant in the husband's pillow. Then get a piece of his underwear and put it under a burning stove. After that use a pair of chopsticks to strike at the brim of the stove and call his name. The husband shall then think of the wife with burning desires and return home!

To break the relationship of husband and his new found love, then draw the above yant with durian fruit juice and put the yant under the fire stove. After that the wife should use a sharp knife to strike on the brim of the stove while calling the opponent's name. In such a way that the opponent lady would feel as being burnt by fire when come face to face with the husband...

Of the above yant can also be drawn on a piece of paper and then burnt. The ash is then mixed with flower water and the water is then splashed on the path where the opponent would pass through.

So, men; maybe know you know how Thai women can take control of their husbands. Think twice before you want to engage a Thai lady as she would have many formidable weapons to control you! Of course, the above ritual is just one of the examples. Worse, your penis may not 'function' too when you go out to flirt...

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