Thursday, September 17, 2015

Religion As Means To Weaken Resistance (宗教愚民政策)

Throughout human history, politicians have used religion as means to weaken or fool internal resistance forces. There are just so many examples around us currently and historically. Let us just refer to the historical case of how Manchu (满洲人) uses religion as a mean to reduce Mongols (蒙古人) population from 12,000,000 strong to just a few hundred thousand heads during the end of Ching Dynasty in China…

During Ching Dynasty, the Manchu used religion as the killer weapon to fool and weaken the Mongols. As we all know it that Lamaism (喇嘛教) was introduced to Mongol society in the 15th century. When the Ching Dynasty was in power, Lamaism was prevailing amongst the Mongols. Almost immediately that the Manchu noticed Mongols’ weakness and they use religion to control the Mongol population. In the words of the Manchu: “It is best to build a temple than dispatching 100,000 soldiers.”

So the Manchu emperor encourages the Mongols to become monks and incentives were given to those who opted to become monks. In a fairly short time, there were a few hundred thousand Mongol monks. Indeed the Manchu emperor’s strategy worked as almost 47% of the male Mongols become the unproductive Lamas! Without Mongol next generations, the once strong Mongols continued to become minorities under suppressions until the end of Ching Dynasty.

In modern times, our governments often make use of religions to control, divide and direct the emotions of general public for their personal interests. Religious contents can be changed with the patronage of the central government so that donations can pour into the account of the religious leaders. For example, the Mahayana Schools are quite different from the Theravadas as historically the Mahayana Buddhism has the patronage of royal families and that they once allowed owning land, properties and also slaves to work the lands. A very big difference is that the Mahayana monks would stand up to receive the emperor. On the other hand, an emperor would kneel down in front of the Theravada monks as nothing is above the three gems (三宝).

Hence I would safely conclude that religions and politics are indispensable pairs and both are the works of human for gaining humans’ own interests. That is of course, my personal opinion. I am sure that if one engages more in religious activities, he/she shall see the light at one time in future. And magic practices are simply illegitimate forms of good old religion.


  1. Hello dear liew,
    today i did a magic of ur with my frnds.
    It is the orgasm magic u posted (
    First my frnds didnt believe nd they laughed.
    But we did it in seperate nd did it for having some fun with my classmates(girls).
    Idk why it didnt work well. Maybe some misspelling.
    But will try again.

    Anyway do you have any simple methode for evoking gaurdian spirit or just a spirit.
    If u have it in arabic version then pls post it.


    1. Just a word of caution my friend.

      Please don't spoil your rice bowl if you get what I meant.

      Magic should not be done in your workplace or school or you will be in troubles very soon.

  2. Another wonderful article that still applies today.

  3. Sorry mr. Liew.
    I would not do that again.
    Pls make a simple conjuration of any useful entity in arabic